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Off-the-court News

Coverage of Nets players off the court.

Kevin Love on Ben Simmons and mental health: ‘In his heart, in his head, he’s a really good person’

Patty Mills named finalist for NBA Sportsmanship Award

Kyrie Irving says he was fighting for ‘freedom’ in his refusal to adhere to city vaccine mandates

Mike Lupica, Mike Vaccaro, etc. wonder if ‘Kyrie carve-out’ is worth it

Mayor Eric Adams officially changes vaccine mandate, Kyrie Irving to play home games

KYRIE BACK! New York to change private sector mandate, permitting unvaxxed pros to play

Optimism or pessimism on Kyrie Irving? Depends on who you talk to ... apparently

Mayor Adams: Nets, Mets, Yankees will ‘have to wait’ till data says it’s safe enough to pull mandate

New city medical director: private employer mandate is in place for ‘indefinite’ period

What can we learn from Tsais’ willingness to pay big fines to support players in both WNBA and NBA?

Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant talk effects of vaccine mandate on Nets ... as Yankees, Mets face same issues

Nets fined $50,000 for letting Kyrie Irving in locker room at halftime; Kevin Durant clarifies remarks

Kevin Durant blasts private sector mandate, calls out Mayor Adams: ‘Eric, you got to figure this out’

How much of Kyrie Irving will we see? Very little, if nothing changes

Woj: Nets have ‘confidence, more than optimism’ they’ll get Kyrie Irving back full-time ‘at some point’

The New York Liberty, WNBA, and turning points

Steve Nash: Nets don’t expect Kyrie Irving to play March 7

Mayor Adams: ‘I’d do anything to get that ring. So badly, I want it. But there’s so much at stake here’

Mayor Adams announces end to vaccine mandate on March 7 ... BUT there’s a catch

this story will be updated

Sports Illustrated editor on being fair to Ben Simmons

Seth Curry rebuts Danny Green: ‘Relationship was fine’ between him and Ben Simmons

Sixers teammates Joel Embiid and Danny Green diss Ben Simmons

Adams on ending mandate: ‘I can’t wait to get it done,’ announcement ‘in next few weeks’

Shelburne: Ben Simmons ‘weeks’ away from return

Morey: I believe Ben Simmons when he says he missed games because of mental health issues

Nets ‘very, very hungry’ to show why players came to Brooklyn in first place: To win

Adam Silver thinks NYC ban on Kyrie Irving unfair and the mayor agrees, but ...

James Harden, the perils of revisionist history and the value of receipts

Fischer: Kevin Durant made call that ended James Harden time in Brooklyn

Kyrie Irving gets into (another) back-and-forth with reporter about vaccination status

Is a Kyrie Irving return to Barclays realistic? And if so, when?

Joe Vardon of The Athletic on Kyrie Irving, basketball ... and trust