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Off-the-court News

Coverage of Nets players off the court.

Eric Adams, likely next NYC Mayor, says he’s ‘extremely optimistic’ Kyrie Irving will play

Woj: Trade market for Kyrie Irving ‘dicey’ with no talks between Nets and 76ers

Pundits, former players and coaches step up criticism of Kyrie Irving, believe Nets can still win

The shift in leadership without Kyrie Irving

MOVING ON: Kevin Durant ‘not mad’ about Kyrie Irving’s decision, wants to focus on what’s ahead

Kyrie Irving on IG: Doing ‘what’s best for me’ in refusal to get vaccine, expresses concerns on mandates

Nets focused on moving forward in wake of front office decision on Kyrie Irving

ESSAY: The Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving, and partnership

Brian Fleurantin takes another look at the Kyrie Irving situation in light of Tuesday’s developments, the Nets ban and the Shams Charania piece.

Shams: Kyrie Irving not anti-vaccine, just wants to make a point

Marks: Kyrie Irving won’t play or practice until he’s ‘eligible to be full participant’

This story will be updated.

FILM STUDY: How do Nets replace Kyrie Irving’s on-court production? 

Steve Nash on Kyrie Irving: ‘Just trying to take our time to figure out what everything means’

Steve Nash concedes Kyrie Irving will miss Nets home games

UPDATE: Nets in waiting game with Kyrie Irving but team options are limited

Friday afternoon’s decision by New York City permitting Kyrie Irving to practice was the latest news in the Irving situation. So where do we stand now?

Kevin Durant: ‘I’m envisioning Kyrie being a part of our team ... Maybe I’m just naïve’

Woj: Nets prepared to make ‘hard decisions’ on Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving not at Nets practice in Brooklyn, no update on vaccination status

ESSAY: The NBA, COVID, and responsibility

Brian Fleurantin who often writes for us on social justice issues, offers his thoughts on the issue of how some of the NBA’s biggest stars are resisting the vaccine ... or refusing to encourage others to get jabbed.

Nets will likely practice Tuesday in Brooklyn ... will Kyrie Irving be there?

#PattyForPM ... how Patty Mills has become a national symbol of unity Down Under

Tsai ‘respects’ Kyrie Irving’s choice, but reminds him of goal; isn’t worried about James Harden deal

Spain’s prime minister slams Kyrie Irving over vaccine conspiracy theories

Steve Nash optimistic about getting extensions done as team opens camp

NBA to limit unvaccinated player access to teammates, dock pay for missed games

National commentators slam Kyrie Irving on vaccine stand, privacy claim

Kyrie Irving misses in-person Media Day; calls vaccination status ‘private’

As Media Day approaches, Kyrie Irving’s vaccination status comes center stage

Night of remembrance and mission: Adam Harrington honors late sister with Nets by his side

Sean Marks ‘confident’ Nets will meet vaccine regs and remains ‘very positive’ on extensions

Etan Thomas takes a look — don’t call it a defense — at Kyrie Irving and the media

NBA, players union near agreement on vaccines but will that matter in New York?

Leylah Fernandez, US Open star, thanks fellow Canadian Steve Nash for his ‘inspiration’


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