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Nets Podcasts

GLUE GUYS: What do the Nets have in Cam Thomas?

GLUE GUYS: The Superlative Nets Season Preview

GLUE GUYS: Ben, Cam and Preseason Basketball

GLUE GUYS: Hitting every pre-draft Nets rumor - Lillard, Lively, trades and more

GLUE GUYS: Reacting to Dame Lillard linking himself to the Brooklyn Nets

GLUE GUYS: Trade Mikal Bridges?!? Time to Tank!?!? Manufacturing Tension

GLUE GUYS: Should the Brooklyn Nets go star hunting?

GLUE GUYS: What needs to change for the Brooklyn Nets

Glue Guys Brooklyn Nets 1st Round Playoff Preview

GLUE GUYS: Spencer Dinwiddie interview

GLUE GUYS: Explaining the Mikal Bridges phenomena

GLUE GUYS: Reacting to Kevin Durant reacting to Kyrie Irving

GLUE GUYS: Death of the Clean Sweep Era


EMERGENCY POD: Kyrie Irving requests trade

GLUE GUYS: Nets Trade Deadline Preview

The Glue Guys go deep on the Brooklyn Nets trade possibilities, mainly that it is time to trade Ben Simmons.

GLUE GUYS: Phight-night in Philly

GLUE GUYS: Why the Nets are good again

GLUE GUYS: Kevin Durant injury timeline with Dr. Neeraj Patel

GLUE GUYS: why the Nets are the NBA’s best team

GLUE GUYS: What the Nets win v. the Warriors means

GLUE GUYS: Hottest questions about the NBA’s hottest team

GLUE GUYS: Making the Kevin Durant MVP case

GLUE GUYS: How Kyrie Irving is fitting back into the Brooklyn Nets

GLUE GUYS: The evolution of Ben Simmons

Glue Guys with Sam Amick: Ben Simmons frustration and possible Kyrie Irving return date

Glue Guys: the big Kyrie Irving questions

GLUE GUYS: Understanding the Nets under Jacque Vaughn

GLUE EMERGENCY GUYS: Alex Schiffer on Kyrie Irving’s Suspension

GLUE GUYS: Who is Ime Udoka with The Athletic’s Jay King

GLUE GUYS: Drafting the Brooklyn Nets roster

GLUE GUYS: BEN SIMMONS! Reacting to the Nets first preseason game