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Film Study

SNAP ANALYSIS: LaMarcus Aldridge — Brooklyn’s latest Infinity Stone — is secured.

The work is done — or is it? Diving into how Brooklyn’s latest buyout snag aids the title run.

FILM STUDY: Nine games into his return, Nic Claxton shows surprising defensive prowess

How James Harden helped Bruce Brown become a revelation in black-and-white

FILM STUDY: A crowded frontcourt could complicate things for Bruce Brown

Matt Brooks takes a deep dive into Bruce Btown’s game as he faces his old Motor City team Saturday.

FILM STUDY: Is Nicolas Claxton a Gem Hidden in Plain Sight?

The Nets have added Blake Griffin who sees himself as both a "4-man and small ball 5." Is that going to affect Nicolas Claxton? Matt Brooks looks at Clax’s potential.

FILM STUDY: Early Look at Nic Claxton, Andre Roberson, Iman Shumpert

FILM STUDY: Four Takeaways from the Brooklyn Nets SWEEP in Los Angeles

FILM STUDY: Breaking down Nic Claxton’s season debut 

FILM STUDY: Four BIG takeaways from Nets’ West Coast road trip

FILM STUDY: It’s only fitting Landry Shamet made biggest defensive play of Suns game

FILM STUDY: Breaking down key adjustments that led to Nets win in Phoenix

FILM STUDY: Taking a look at James Harden’s unique style of defense

FILM STUDY: Is the Brooklyn Nets’ defense turning the corner?

FILM STUDY: Scouting Noah Vonleh with Joe Hulbert of Canis Hoopus

FILM STUDY: The ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ Brooklyn Nets defense strikes again

FILM STUDY: James Harden and spacing is an unbeatable recipe

MINI FILM STUDY: 3 Straight Plays Epitomized Brooklyn’s Issues on Defense

FILM STUDY: What You MISSED From James Harden’s Brooklyn Nets Debut

FILM STUDY: Keys to making the James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant trio work

Film Study: Inside the Nets’ Saturday Film Session

FILM STUDY: Was Kevin Durant right? Are Nets being too ‘helpful’ this holiday season?

FILM STUDY: How the Brooklyn Nets put NBA on notice on Christmas Day

FILM STUDY: The Nets defense is ahead of schedule

FILM STUDY: Can the Brooklyn Nets build a ‘defense that wins playoffs?’

FILM STUDY: Nets, working off loose offensive template, are bonafide PROBLEM

FILM STUDY: Is Kevin Durant… Back?!?

As ESPN’s Zach Lowe writes Wednesday, "Kevin Durant is a historic giant." So we take a look at his return to play on Sunday.

VIDEO: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant pick-and-roll is a championship recipe

FILM STUDY: Is Steve Nash’s defense something we ‘haven’t seen before?’

FILM STUDY: Did Landry Shamet provide breadcrumbs about this special Brooklyn Nets offense?

Slowly But Surely: Sean Marks improves at the edges: A recap of Nets Draft Night

Looking back at the 2016 Rio Olympics ... and how it could presage 2021 Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving can and will exploit areas left unchecked, like the mid-range

Offensively, there really isn’t anything Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving can’t do. That includes exploiting certain areas of the court that opponents’ defensive schemes leave vulnerable.


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