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Original writing from the NetsDaily staff.

Jarrett Allen discusses Brooklyn Nets tenure, ‘Clean Sweep’ Era

The ex-Net joined JJ Redick’s The Old Man and the Three podcast, and dipped into his time in Brooklyn

The Long Island Nets and Big Brothers Big Sisters team up to give back

Like their own big brothers and big sisters at the Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty, the Long Island Nets are investing in the community, particularly the young.

As Brooklyn Nets season rolls on, Jalen Wilson keeps surprising

Taken at No. 51 in the 2023 Draft, Jalen Wilson has moved from two-way to a place in the Nets rotation.

Sabrina Ionescu solidifies role as face of WNBA with 3-point contest

Stephen vs. Sabrina was a win in every way possible for the game of basketball.

For Dennis Schroder and the Brooklyn Nets, the time is both now and in the future

Dennis Schroder led the German national team to the FIBA World Cup gold last summer. Now as winter turns to spring, he has another challenge, getting Brooklyn into the playoffs.

Fans riled up at Mikal Bridges comment on friends’ podcast but does it mean anything?

Mikal Bridges once again lamented how the Knicks took over Barclays Center three weeks ago, but the venue, on a Knick players’ podcast, rubbed some fans the wrong way.

ANALYSIS: Deja vu all over again!?!

We have all been here before. Let the good professor explain it all to you.

Kevin Durant returns to the Barclays Center, forever a Brooklyn Net

The tribute video pettiness is both beside the point and entirely the point of Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Net.

Mikal Bridges Journey: From Philly to Phoenix to Brooklyn

In their most recent video on the background of Nets players, Brooklyn’s video team

It’s time to worry about Jacque Vaughn

The Brooklyn Nets’ problems extend far and wide, past their coaching staff. But is Jacque Vaughn making things worse?

Following explosion vs. Los Angeles Lakers, Cam Thomas ‘too important not to play’

Brian Lewis takes a look at Cam Thomas growth and of course his game continues to polarize.

The rehabilitation of a reputation: How the Brooklyn Nets have helped Dennis Smith Jr. find his game

Dennis Smith Jr. has had an up-and-down career with some seeing him as less than a culture guy in previous stops. Now, though, he’s found his niche as C.J. Holmes writes

How encouraging is the steady drumbeat of news about Ben Simmons?

After two years of ups and downs, justifiable skepticism, etc., etc. Ben Simmons appears close to another return. Will this one be different?

ROOKIE REPORT: No croissants for Brooklyn Nets’ rooks but two wins in the week

The Long Island Nets are in Stockton, California, tonight to play the Stockton Kings. With them are the three Nets draft picks who stayed behind when Brooklyn went all Paris

Cam Thomas ranks 19th on Complex list of top players under 24 in 2024

‘Let Cam Cook’ has become a mantra for Cam Thomas fans and that includes two writers for

Paris a place for reflections both grand and immediate for Brooklyn Nets

Traveling often provides perspective on life back home, and Paris is doing just that for the Brooklyn Nets.

FILM STUDY: Evaluating Nic Claxton as the Brooklyn Nets near a major decision

Nic Claxton’s season was always going to be measured in terms of his upcoming free agency. So, here’s an in-depth look at what he’s put on tape, and the $100 million question.

Cam Johnson’s Journey: From the Moon to Brooklyn

Cam Johnson’s journey is profiled by the Brooklyn Nets media team. It’s not just about ball.

Mikal Bridges may be in a slump but he’s not going anywhere. He’s normal

Deadlines and Commitments: Woe is us edition

When you’re 2-7 over the last nine and your two wins are over the worst professional sports team in history, things are subject to change.

ESSAY: The Brooklyn Nets are who we thought they were

The Nets have issues, yes, but their performance should be surprising to no one.

Kevin Ollie enjoying his new role with Brooklyn Nets as assistant coach ... and motivator

Kevin Ollie has returned to the NBA as a Brooklyn Nets assistant coach and his players are happy he is.

Dennis Smith Jr. return brings instant benefits to Brooklyn Nets

Dennis Smith Jr. was the Brooklyn Nets top target in free agency and now that he’s back from injury, he’s proving why.

ANALYSIS: Why did Brooklyn Nets change their starting lineup?

The Brooklyn Nets found a successful, symbiotic starting lineup. They shouldn’t have gone away from it.

For Harry Giles III, a bear hug with Sean Marks signaled a return to NBA, the game and the life

Marc J. Spears talks with Harry Giles III about where he’s at and the journey to get there.

Brooklyn Nets marketing team goes for moon shot in pairing Cam Johnson with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

It is indeed the collaboration you didn’t think you needed

NetsDaily reporters get time on air talking Brooklyn Nets

You can’t avoid NetsDaily reporters when the Nets are doing well.

The history of ‘Pinoy step,’ Mikal Bridges’ new favorite move

Mikal Bridges has added a Filipino standard to his bag this season, and it’s worked like a charm. Here’s how that came to be.

Harry Giles III, thriving in Brooklyn, excited for return to Sacramento

His teammates love him. His coaches love him. And on Monday, Harry Giles III will return to the fanbase that first embraced him.

Brooklyn Nets young bigs, pushing the paint, give team new advantage

Jacque Vaughn wants more scoring in the paint and the Nets are starting to deliver.

Add ‘clutch’ to Mikal Bridges growing NBA bag

Mikal Bridges has become not just the Nets overall go-to guy. He is their closer ... and one of the best in the NBA.

Spencer Dinwiddie Tribute Post: When things get tough, Brooklyn Nets rely on their rock

Players go down, come back, but Spencer Dinwiddie has been the backcourt rock this season.


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