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Nets Analysis

3 Takeaways Brooklyn Nets Pendulum Win Over Memphis Grizzlies

It’s only one game but after three miserable ones, we’ll take it.

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets Dreary Loss to Minnesota Timberwolves

3 takeaways about the worst 3-game stretch in Nets franchise history

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets dormant loss vs Toronto Raptors

Should the Koch family seek a deep discount after last night?

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets All-Star Break fiasco

After the big change following All-Star Break, we look at what it means ... and doesn’t.

The Coaching Chronicles: How Brooklyn Nets must break the spell

The next one they hire ought to be the correct one, right?

As Brooklyn Nets season rolls on, Jalen Wilson keeps surprising

Taken at No. 51 in the 2023 Draft, Jalen Wilson has moved from two-way to a place in the Nets rotation.

For Dennis Schroder and the Brooklyn Nets, the time is both now and in the future

Dennis Schroder led the German national team to the FIBA World Cup gold last summer. Now as winter turns to spring, he has another challenge, getting Brooklyn into the playoffs.

Zach Lowe roasts Brooklyn’s Simmons-Claxton fit: ‘Aimless bumper cars offense’

ESPN’s hoops guru took aim at Brooklyn’s offensively challenged front-court in the most recent edition of his weekly column.

ANALYSIS: Deja vu all over again!?!

We have all been here before. Let the good professor explain it all to you.

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets’ historic loss to Boston Celtics

Time for some soul-searching

3 Takeaways in Brooklyn Nets fake comeback vs Boston Celtcis

When false hope is the order of the day

Brooklyn Nets welcome fresh faces, both new and returning

Thanks to recent trades and, for now, improved health, the Nets are loading up the bandwagon for the stretch run

Brooklyn Nets looking forward to new backcourt possibilities

DEADLINE DAY AFTERMATH: Bits and pieces from Thursday’s two trades

We take a deep dive into what happened before 3:00 p.m. Thursday. No big deals of course but there are some interesting details.

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets win over San Antonio Spurs in Dennis Schröder Debut

Nets win — in itself a wonderful thing, but they also found out some things about their newly acquired point guard and their prodigal, Ben Simmons.

CAP ANALYSIS: Post-deadline questions and answers

Our anonymous analytics guy Professor B takes a look at where the Nets are after the trade.

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets skeleton crew loss to Cleveland Cavaliers

By the time the Nets game vs. the Cavaliers was done, the fanbase was exhausted, but here’s even more analysis.

FILM STUDY: Ben Simmons wants to start, but should he?

And is that even the question we should be asking?

DEADLINE DAY: Brooklyn Nets’ unremarkable NBA Trade Deadline is just another step forward

The direction of the franchise remains as clear as ever. But is it the right path?

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets loss to Dallas Mavericks in Kyrie Irving return

Kyrie returns to divided Barclays Center and a diminished Nets roster.

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets weak loss to Golden State Warriors

You want bad? We got bad!

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets routing of Philadelphia 76ers

The Nets were on fire Saturday night as Cam Thomas went from 40 and two other Nets had 20+ in a blowout in Philadelphia.

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets loss to Phoenix Suns amid Kevin Durant return

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets blowout win over Utah Jazz

Been down so long it looks like up to me or is it Ben down so long...

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets shaky win over Houston Rockets

A second look at Nets close call with the Rockets Saturday night in Brooklyn.

3 (or more) takeaways from Brooklyn Nets’ 96-94 loss to Minnesota Timberwolves: Are we there yet?

The Nets aren’t just bad, but they’re a slog to watch, and feel purposeless.

It’s time to worry about Jacque Vaughn

The Brooklyn Nets’ problems extend far and wide, past their coaching staff. But is Jacque Vaughn making things worse?

Lewis: Brooklyn Nets were ‘outcoached’ ... ‘befuddled’ ... ‘blew it’ on Sunday

Brian Lewis takes time out to go deeper into why the Nets lost to the Los Angeles Clippers

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets late game collapse vs Los Angeles Clippers

They had it in their hands and then it fell to the ground and the pieces are hard to retrieve.

What is going on with Spencer Dinwiddie?

Brooklyn’s starting point guard hasn’t been bad so much as he’s been non-existent.

Nets Need to Pick a Direction ... Fast

When the Nets play the Lakers Friday, it will be that halfway mark of the 2023-24 season. Big takeaway: the Nets’ present and future lacks clarity.

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets Crushing Loss to Portland Trail Blazers

The spiral continues downward as a bad team finds a way to lose.


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