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Original writing from the NetsDaily staff.

Kyrie Irving is finding his rhythm: ‘I’m slowly crawling into my prime right now’

So, what’s with the Nets other two picks in the 2021 Draft?

Do you come from a land Down Under? A lot of the Nets answer yes.

How ‘Day-Day’ emergence led Nets to re-jigger their front court

Something special this way comes: the rise of Kessler Edwards

Nets playing without Kevin Durant: How they doing? How will it go?

In ESPN Rookie Power Rankings, three Nets in top 20 at midway point

James Harden sees the court ... in Haiti

Nets’ resilience has reached its toughest test: ‘We just got to keep going. Keep pushing’

The kids are alright ... and now they’ll have to be more than that

It’s the mid-terms! Player grades arrive at home

Lupica: Steve Nash the right guy to coach Nets, deal with Kyrie Irving, etc.

Hall of Fame analytics: Fordham Prep class pushes for Buck Williams

Kyrie Irving honors his late mom, Elizabeth, with new charity sneakers

Patty Mills on Novak Djokovic: Rules should apply to everyone

Cam Thomas climbs in rookie rankings

Man with a plan: David Duke Jr. emerges after draft snub

Could Nets play Kyrie Irving in defiance of New York City regulations? In a word, no

Yay or Nay: James Harden an All-Star starter?

Kevin Durant is as likely an All-Star starter as any player in the NBA. Kyrie Irving’s late return and part-time status will likely keep him home. But what about James Harden? Holden Velasco breaks it down.

The Nets experiment is an experiment in itself

Kareem’s of’told tale of how he almost became a New York Net still stings

Bobby Marks: Don’t expect big things from Sean Marks at trade deadline

Nets rookies: ‘Opportunities will come. It’s just uncertain when they’ll come.’

FILM STUDY: It’s Time for Kessler Edwards

Deadlines and Commitments: Back to Normal (maybe please) edition

How good is Patty Mills? Pretty, pretty good

FILM STUDY: For Nic Claxton, it was a matter of time

With all the hand-wringing nearing an end,  ‘It’s going to be scary hours for real’

FILM STUDY: Nic Claxton continues to show growth in Christmas Day victory

How soon Kyrie Irving? Not until after dreaded ‘ramp-up’

The ‘Clear Out’ Podcast: Mailbag Edition

Kevin Durant’s comment on 13-year-old’s flashy move: mean or purist chalk talk?


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