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Original writing from the NetsDaily staff.

FANTASY CHECK-IN: Kevin Durant, Patty Mills winning big for their fantasy teams

Into fantasy basketball? Holden Velasco will be doing occasional updates on how Nets players are doing in the fantasy game

Nets rest as questions continue about James Harden

Lewis: Nets push market towards younger fans looking for ‘lifelongs’

Patty Mills wins Australian sport’s highest honor, the Don Award

Is mystery of James Harden closer to be being solved?

UNLIKELY HEROES: James Johnson and Cam Thomas are earning it

Their means are quite different, but the ends are similar.

Cam Thomas progressing nicely but Nets don’t want to rush things

For Nets, LaMarcus Aldridge is essential personnel not just ‘feel-good’ story

Brooklyn offense moving up as defense holds steady

James Harden on his ‘difficult’ quest to make an impact: ‘I’m trying to figure all that out’

Clara Wu Tsai promises investment in Liberty ‘same way we invest in our NBA team’

Deadlines and Commitments - Quarter pole edition

‘I feel like we have our identity’ - Nets forming bonds within a quiet group

How will Nets deal with the ‘Big Two’ in free agency?

Nash to be patient with Cam Thomas: ‘We have a lot of guys that are in similar range as far as ability’

On Blake Griffin: Player Empowerment and playing the Long Game

When the right call is the wrong one. Lucas Kaplan takes a long look at Blake Griffin’s issues so far this season and how even if stats don’t measure up, don’t look for change. There are bigger issues afoot.

James Harden no longer ‘poster boy’ for new rule and it shows in box score and record books

ESSAY: How bad is it? It’s not that bad here!

LONG GAME: Nets don’t view themselves as elite: ‘I just don’t think we’re in that category yet’

FANTASY CHECK-IN: Nets looking as good in the fantasy as they are in reality

Into fantasy basketball? Holden Velasco will be doing occasional updates on how Nets players are doing in the fantasy game

James Harden ‘getting there,’ but Nets still want to ‘give him time to get his game back’

CLEAR OUT: A sit-down with Tim Capstraw of Nets Radio

He’s Kevin Durant. We know who he is ... and we’re real happy about it

LaMarcus Aldridge’s hot start is setting the tone for Brooklyn’s bench

Steve Nash: ‘It’s important for our team that we don’t overburden Kevin Durant’

FILM STUDY: DeAndre’ Bembry and Bruce Brown have changed Nets identity

Matt Brooks is back with a video film study breaking down DeAndre’ Bembry and Bruce Brown.

Scotto on Kyrie Irving trade value: ‘Every front office is scared to death of him’

Hard hats and steel tips! Blue-collar mentality fuels Nets to surprising defensive start

PREVIEW: Long Island Nets set for big season back in front of fans

After 245 days, the Long Island Nets will be back on the court at 7 p.m. Saturday to face the Delaware Blue Coats in Wilmington. Alec Sturm, who will cover Long Island for NetsDaily, has a season preview.

For Nets rookies, a chance to develop on the Island as they learn from idols in Brooklyn

BACK TO THE FUTURE: For New Jersey fans, tonight means Nets are finally getting it

Lucas Kaplan writes of being a New Jersey Nets fan and how the Brooklyn Nets are finally paying homage to a place and an era with their City Edition unis and oh, that court! It may seem like nostalgia or even marketing, but it’s more than that.

FILM STUDY: Who are the Brooklyn Nets through seven games?

Matt Brooks takes an in-depth look at what’s real and what’s fake with the 2021-22 Nets.


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