Nets to Roll Out Armor Connection Next Week


With the Nets set to take over basketball operations at the Springfield Armor on May 1, the two teams are expected to lay out plans for the connection next week. The Nets will hire a coach and assistant coach, as well as a trainer. All three will be Nets employees. As for the Armor, they're already selling Nets gear on their website.

Jr Smith wants to leave Denver!


If they lose this series, maybe we could get him for very cheap!

Nets Launch Basketball Toolbar


If your computer screen isn't already layered with too many toolbars, the Nets are offering their own for download. The bar will offer links to RSS and Twitter feeds, ticket information, news and Brooklyn updates. It's available for IE, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Report: Kevin Love wins Most Improved


so much for the promotion of THE GREAT HUMP



This is an ESPN the magazine article from november 08 written by ric bucher comparing the 2 point gaurds on the rise. intresting stuff. scroll down to 'fan' to see what bill simmons wrote. funny.

LVP: Stephen Graham, SF, New Jersey Nets

Wait, you mean to say that you’ve never heard of Stephen Graham, small forward for the New Jersey Nets? Why, he’s one of the top twelve players for the best basketball team in New Jersey! He ranked dead last in John Hollinger’s PER rankings this year, and that only tells part of the story. Just reading his PER stats is an exercise in hilarity. His "Value Added," for example, was negative 87.2. A "replacement player," which is a hypothetical, average player of the same position, would technically bring more to the table than Graham. That’s right, an imaginary player would serve the Nets better than Graham does. Beyond his Value Added, Hollinger calculates that Graham’s "Estimated Wins Added" is negative 2.9. Theoretically, the Nets could have won three more games this season if they had simply cut Stephen Graham. But don’t let us tell you about Stephen Graham; here’s what had to say about this small forward out of Oklahoma State: "Can create own shot in a pinch but has no court vision." "There was a period of time in January when head coach Avery Johnson temporarily lost his mind and inserted Graham into his starting lineup" "He can score and rebound just enough to prove useful in spots as a fringe rotation player, with his ideal role being as a fifth wing who can fill in at either shooting guard or small forward in the case of injury or fouls." Well, we’re sold. When your ideal role is as a fifth wing, yet you’ve started games for an NBA team, you officially win the Least Valuable Player Award. Congratulations, Stephen Graham!

Who's The Best At Point Gaurd?


Who are the elite PG's of the NBA

Tune-In Alert: Billy King on WNBC Sunday


Nets General Manager Billy King will appear Sunday on WNBC's 'Mike'D Up,' hosted by Bruce Beck, at 11:30 p.m. Beck is filling in for Mike Francesa.

Sez Knows About Changing the Culture


Gary Sussman's been around the Nets for a long time. The team's v.p. for public relations and announcer knows all about changing the culture. Been through it more than once. In his end of the season Sussman Sez, Sussman writes about how this time, it's different. Wednesday's loss and Thursday's locker cleanout tell a tale about the current edition of the Nets. He notes the difference from last season's end, which as he writes, "was at a far deeper level of despair". It may be a "longer and more arduous" climb, but it's started.