Chronicles of Fake Tampering: Joe Tsai offers Fake Klay Thompson opportunity with Nets Fans


Dawson Gurley is a basketball fan, YouTube personality and someone who, we now know, can pass for Klay Thompson. How do we know? Because on Monday night, he somehow got past security at the Chase Center in San Francisco, wearing a full Warriors uniform, and participated in early shoot around before being discovered. Being a YouTuber, Gurley posted a video of his success, complete with dramatic music

GLUE GUYS: Coffee, Roadtrip, and Leave on Read 2022


A special new game, the Glue Guys version of MFK: coffee, roadtrip or leave on read. TGG run through six different scenarios involving the Brooklyn Nets and determine essentially an MFK situation.

Draymond Green, Paul Pierce serve up priceless Twitter reactions after Celtics sweep Nets in NBA Playoffs


And just like that, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are out of the playoffs. Dominating with defense and a tenacious offensive attack, the Celtics beat the Nets 116-112 in Game 4 to sweep Brooklyn in their first-round matchup. It's a shocking end for the Nets, who many believed to be a true championship contender. It may feel like forever ago but the Nets actually entered the season as preseason NBA title favorites. And in bowing out in four games, they became the first preseason title favorite to not win a single playoff game in at least 35 years. DAZN is the new home of NFL in Canada. Live stream every NFL Live Free game in HD. Sign up today - $20 per month or $150 annually. Cancel anytime.

Rapper-turned-Brooklyn Dem candidate spews anti-cop hate, wants to defund NYPD


A rapper whose social media accounts are filled with venomous anti-police rants is running to become a Democratic Party district leader in Brooklyn. Noah Weston — who is running on the "For the People" slate with congressional candidate Brittany Ramos De Barros and Assemblyman Mathylde Frontus in southern Brooklyn — has called officers "f–king pigs," "plague rats" and "sacks of s–t" who do more harm than good.

Lakers coach Brian Shaw caught badmouthing D'Angelo Russell on camera


Shaw: "...last year, we had D’Angelo. He was just bulls***ing all the time and didn’t put it in."

Maybe he shouldn't?


But ehh, in Markison, We Trust. He did also do this before (

Do the Nets need another Mascot?


This article takes a look at all things NBA Mascot related, including an idea for the Nets Mascot Vacancy

Ask us Nets questions for Tom and Anthony to answer!


Hey friends. In case you didn't know me, I'm the NBA editor for and the co-host of the Limited Upside podcast. We're doing offseason review podcasts with the writers from our 30 team communities, and we're recording one on the Nets today with Tom Lorenzo and Anthony Puccio. Have any questions you want us to answer? Drop 'em in the comments section and we'll try to get to them. Look for the actual episode by tomorrow morning at the latest. Thanks for listening!

Brett Yourmarket gets called out by SVP/ESPN


For the Islanders seating. He said fans should watch the game on their mobile device or the scoreboard... Scott Van Pelt was like then watch it at home