Unbrotherly: The treatment of Kyrie Irving and a review of the documentary he shared.


I've heard people say that there was worse things in the documentary that I didn't see and I've heard people who missed what I thought was the worse thing,

Kyrie's Shoulder


Heres a video i found of a physician addressing Kyrie's shoulder

Attention to detail: D’Angelo Russell


Short vid about D’Lo and how his style of play is helping the Nets reach playoff contention this year.

Lakers coach Brian Shaw caught badmouthing D'Angelo Russell on camera


Shaw: "...last year, we had D’Angelo. He was just bulls***ing all the time and didn’t put it in."

Here is the Nets' alternate "Statement" jersey


Courtesy of NBA 2K18 and

Maybe he shouldn't?


But ehh, in Markison, We Trust. He did also do this before (

What the heck is this?


Saw this on the forum from some kind of event. No idea what the story is or the validity of it.



It's finally complete...

Part 3: The Epic Journey of Jeremy Lin Continues: Hamstrung


The latest in the annual BTRTN series on the amazing career of Jeremy Lin! Great read!

Do the Nets need another Mascot?


This article takes a look at all things NBA Mascot related, including an idea for the Nets Mascot Vacancy