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Fan Experience

Stories about the fan experience at Barclays Center.

LIBERTY RISING: Attendance, TV ratings, social media all soaring with stars

The Liberty are now headed into the post-season with a chance at their first WNBA championship. Fans have noticed. All week, we’ll be examining various aspects of the team’s meteoric rise.

ESSAY: The Harry Giles III Experience is as much about hope as it is about success

The Nets made the signing of Harry Giles III official Wednesday. It is an unlikely comeback but one that will fascinate fans and pundits alike.

Judy Reznick, ‘Mrs. Whammy’ and a fan in her own right, passes away at 87

One half of the Whammys, the couple who became Brooklyn celebrities while hexing opponents at Barclays Center, has died.

Nets and WFAN extend radio deal for multiple years

Chris Carrino and Tim Capstraw will be back on familiar bandwiths this season as the Nets and WFAN extend their radio deal.

FRESH EYES: Nets have some persuading to do...

Pooch is back after being away from NetsDaily for three years, he brings fresh eyes to where the Nets are now ... and where they can go.

For Noah Clowney and Nets, subpar performance in Summer League not a concern

A lot of Nets fans were disappointed in Noah Clowney’s Summer League performance, but both Clowney, the Nets and at least one pundit say they’re unconcerned.

Deadlines and Commitments - Schedule’s out edition

Nets rookies to appear Sunday at Barclays Center fan event celebrating schedule release

Let’s go ‘ets! Mets and Nets failed attempts at superteams similar but not identical

It’s been bad for Nets and Mets fans with dashed dreams and rebuilding underway. Are the situations the same? Brian Lewis thinks so.

Nets preseason schedule will feature two games at home

The four-game schedule will open in Las Vegas and feature games vs. Lakers, Heat and 76ers.

Should Nets fans be skeptical of all this good news about Ben Simmons?

The news out of Miami has been universally positive. How should Nets fans think about all things Ben Simmons?

Nets to play Cavaliers January 11 in NBA Paris Game

SO FAR: The Brooklyn Nets’ start to 2023 NBA free agency, less boring than expected

The opening weekend of NBA free agency is always a wild one; Here’s how Brooklyn got things rolling this year

Bon voyage! French sports site reports Nets will play in NBA’s ‘Paris Game’

Mikal Bridges knows he’s The Man in Brooklyn; says he wants leadership role

Cam Johnson to join Mikal Bridges on Team USA

Schiffer: Why would Nets trade Mikal Bridges now after turning down four picks?!?

Fan interest in the NBA Draft is a natural thing. Free players! But is moving up to No. 3 at the expense of losing Mikal Bridges worth it?

ESSAY: We are in silly season as trade proposals for Mikal Bridges fly

Mikal Bridges talks about Brooklyn, defense and the way forward for him

For the second time in three days, Mikal Bridges is sharing his thoughts on the Nets and the future ... as well as a little bit about the past.

ESSAY: How Wembanyama draft lottery could affect Nets off-season

The Nets weren’t on the dias Tuesday night when the Draft Lottery went down, but what happened could affect them.

Joe Tsai takes to Twitter to defend showing LinSanity documentary at Barclays

What else Joe Tsai said this week may be more important than his comment on managing players

Joe Tsai got a lot of attention for his comment that NBA players can be difficult to manage. But what else he said may be far more interesting.

Mikal Bridges seen as future All-Star by rival Execs. Will he get there next year?

Waiting for Ben Simmons ... again

It is Sean Marks top priority, getting Ben Simmons healthy and back on the court. How realistic is it?

EXCLUSIVE: BSE Global exploring potential enhancements for Barclays Center

Barclays Center’s parent company is looking to reimagine the home of the Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn artist Kaws, Nets combine for new City Edition uniform

ESSAY: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving discuss their departure from Brooklyn

It’s been real, Nets fans

EMERGENCY ESSAY: No, sports fans, they are not tanking

Mikal Bridges looking forward to Villanova reunion at The Garden

Cam Thomas gets serious about ‘Ain’t Sh*t Funny’

Should the Brooklyn Nets’ next model be the Cleveland Cavaliers? They could do worse!

The superteam model didn’t work, not with one playoff series win in four years. How about something new? Mimicking the Cavaliers? Collin Helwig takes a look.


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