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Collin Helwig has been covering the Brooklyn Nets since 2019, joining NetsDaily in 2022. He talks basketball and hoops culture every week on The Game Day's Hard in the Paint with JBobby. He graduated from Syracuse Univeristy in 2021, where he covered Men's and Women's basketball for Sports Illustrated and a number of other outlets.

3 Takeaways Brooklyn Nets Pendulum Win Over Memphis Grizzlies

It’s only one game but after three miserable ones, we’ll take it.

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets Dreary Loss to Minnesota Timberwolves

3 takeaways about the worst 3-game stretch in Nets franchise history

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets dormant loss vs Toronto Raptors

Should the Koch family seek a deep discount after last night?

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets All-Star Break fiasco

After the big change following All-Star Break, we look at what it means ... and doesn’t.

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets’ historic loss to Boston Celtics

Time for some soul-searching

3 Takeaways in Brooklyn Nets fake comeback vs Boston Celtcis

When false hope is the order of the day

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets win over San Antonio Spurs in Dennis Schröder Debut

Nets win — in itself a wonderful thing, but they also found out some things about their newly acquired point guard and their prodigal, Ben Simmons.

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets skeleton crew loss to Cleveland Cavaliers

By the time the Nets game vs. the Cavaliers was done, the fanbase was exhausted, but here’s even more analysis.

DEADLINE DAY: Sean Marks speaks on Brooklyn Nets middling trade deadline

Brooklyn’s general manager preached the virtues of long-term flexibility, but didn’t specify a timeline for their re-tooling.

3 Takeaways from Brooklyn Nets loss to Dallas Mavericks in Kyrie Irving return

Kyrie returns to divided Barclays Center and a diminished Nets roster.