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Covers the Brooklyn Nets for NetsDaily

Kyrie Irving hopes to ‘manage the franchise’ with Kevin Durant alongside Joe Tsai, Sean Marks

Eliminated: Nets suffer first-round sweep, losing to Celtics, 116-112

Nets fall into 3-0 series hole, losing to Celtics, 109-103

As Brooklyn’s best all-around player, it’s time for Kevin Durant to show it.

Down 2-0: Nets blow 17-point lead, crushed by Celtics in fourth quarter, 114-107

FILM STUDY: The Celtics are outworking and outsmarting the Nets

Matt Brooks provides a detailed video breakdown on where the Nets must improve to even things up with the Celtics.

Kyrie Irving scores 39 but Celtics land first punch with Jayson Tatum game-winner, 115-114

A NetsDaily writers’ conversation about the tactics of Nets and Celtics

NetsDaily writers Matt Brooks and Alec Sturm, who’ve authored more than their share of film studies, take a joint examine what we can expect from Steve Nash and Ime Udoka.

First Round-Bound: Nets take care of Cavaliers to advance to first round, 115-108

The ‘Clear Out’ Podcast: Cavaliers-Nets Play-In Game Preview