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Lewis: Ben Simmons to start court work when Brooklyn Nets return home

After missing all but six games, Ben Simmons will get back on the court this week.

Detroit Pistons v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

After missing 28 games with recurring back and nerve impingement issues, Ben Simmons will begin practice with 2-on-2 workouts later this week, Brian Lewis reported Tuesday night...

Lewis didn’t provide a timeline for a return to the court at Barclays Center instead of the HSS Training Center, added this overnight...

Multiple sources told The Post that Simmons is “progressing well” in his recovery from a nerve impingement in his left lower back.

Both said that the point guard is expected to be cleared to go two-on-two when the Nets return home from this four-game road swing.

Two weeks ago, Jacque Vaughn said the team had said an update would be forthcoming in 14 days, but Vaughn wouldn’t confirm anything Wednesday night.

“Yeah that’ll be when we get back,” Vaughn said. “That’s probably the best is when we get a chance to see him and give you an update.”

Simmons was averaging 10.8 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 6.5 points when he last played two months ago on November 6. The Nets have missed his playmaking skills most of all. Their 3-point dependent offense could use Simmons whose specialty is finding open shooters beyond the arc.

Meanwhile, the Nets have already ruled out Lonnie Walker for his 16th straight game Wednesday night in Houston vs. the Rockets. However, Jacque Vaughn said the Nets sixth man, suffering from an left hamstring strain. could be on the court at Barclays on Friday when the Nets face the red-hot Oklahoma City Thunder again.

“Yeah, Lonnie’s doing good,” said coach Jacque Vaughn. “He got a workout in [Tuesday] and he will not play [Wednesday]. But there’s some good signs pointing towards him playing when we get back home.

“He will ride back on the plane with us. And then we’ll check him out when we get home. Hopefully he makes it back on the plane OK. And then, there’s a good chance or signs of pointing in directions of him playing on [Friday].”