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Mikal Bridges Journey: From Philly to Phoenix to Brooklyn

In their most recent video on the background of Nets players, Brooklyn’s video team

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by David Nemec/NBAE via Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets’ first-rate media team is profiling players’ personal lives as well as their professional careers. After their initial release on Cam Johnson in November, they turned their attention to the other “twin.” Mikal Bridges. The 40-minute profile starts with Villanova’s jersey retirement ceremony and focuses on his relationship with his mother, Tyneeha Rivers, the source of his competitiveness, and Jay Wright, the legendary Wildcat coach who developed him. Bridges also reveals how he’s recently purchased a vacation home on the Jersey Shore in Avalon, between Atlantic City and Cape May...

Bridges, who’s averaging career highs in points, rebounds and assists, has taken the Nets losses hard. While some fans want to trade him for first round picks, go for the full rebuild, both Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Lewis say Bridges isn’t going anywhere. The Nets want to build around him.