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As rumor mill grinds on, it’s more speculation for Brooklyn Nets fans

The trade deadline is February 8, 18 days from Monday and as you might expect, the rumor mill is turning faster.

2023-24 Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Jeff Bottari/NBAE via Getty Images

There’s little new on Monday regarding a potential Brooklyn Nets trade . The team traveled from Los Angeles last night after what were the best win and the worst loss of the season. That hasn’t stopped the speculation including a D’Angelo Russell return as part of a three-team deal centered on him, Dejounte Murray and Spencer Dinwiddie.

There is NO indication that the Nets, Hawks and Lakers have talked and the Nets seem to have their own interest in Murray, who reportedly sees Brooklyn as an “ideal landing spot.” per Jake Fischer.

It all started when Shams Charania posted a video on Twitter regarding what he believes in the latest on the Murray sweepstakes.

“It centered around D’Angelo Russell, a 2029 first round draft pick, and a pick swap I’m told. The hold up was that Atlanta wanted to find a third team for D’Angelo Russell,” said Shams who added that the Hawks would prefer an expiring contract in return.

There were also reports out of L.A. that Russell is resigned to being traded.

So that set tongue’s a-wagging. Spencer Dinwiddie is a point guard, an expiring contract, and who, like Murray and Russell, makes around $18 million this season which would make a trade easier. And unlike his other stops both before and after Brooklyn, Russell is revered by the Nets fan base. Moreover, the Ohio State product is playing his best basketball of the season, averaging 27.4 points and shooting 54% from deep over the last five games.

Whether the Nets would want a DLo return is uncertain. He had two very good years with Brooklyn — one an All-Star — before Sean Marks & co. shipped him off to Golden State in a sign-and-trade for Kevin Durant that was part of the “Clean Sweep” back in July 2019. Russell, who wanted to stay in Brooklyn, apparently did not leave happily as Brian Lewis learned when DLo returned to Barclays Center 18 months later...

Still, Russell called Jacque Vaughn a “hell of a coach” following the Nets win over his Lakers.

Also, Monday, Adrian Wojnarowski said on ESPN’s NBA Today that because Russell has a player option he’s likely to exercise this summer, the Lakers will probably have to add draft compensation to any package, whether in a two-team or three-team trade.

“Either, you’re going to have to give more draft compensation with D’Angelo Russell or you’re going to have find a third team that’s going to take on his salary and if he’s not going to be your starter, I think that that makes a little for difficult for the Lakers to get a match on a trade,” said Woj.

As for the Nets hopes for bringing in Murray, they reportedly have balked at the idea of giving up two first rounders for the Hawks point guard, part of Atlanta’s price tag. Our own Lucas Kaplan told the Bleave podcast last week that it should be no surprise that the one-time All-Star wants Brooklyn...

“Obviously, Dejounte wants to come here. I don’t know why he wouldn’t,” said Kaplan. “He gets all the ball-handling opportunity in the world and I won’t take the blame if they don’t make the playoffs,”

As Shams noted, the Hawks and Lakers plan to “revisit” trade talks before the trade deadline, now 18 days away.

On Tuesday, however, the Nets are expected to get some big news from their own locker room. Jacque Vaughn promised before the Clippers game that he would have updates on the status of both Ben Simmons (nerve impingement and back) and Day’Ron Sharpe (hyperextended knee.)

Simmons’ agent, Bernie Lee, went on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to take exception to a tweet from Erik Slater of Clutch Points who suggested it was foolhardy to “bank on” Simmons would fix the Nets’ myriad of issues.

Later, Lee told a fan that while it’s fair to adopt a wait and see attitude on Simmons — considering how much time he’s lost the last two and a half seasons— he reiterated, “he’s going to fix their issues.”

(Monday was a particularly overheated day on NetsTwitter with both Nic Claxton and Dinwiddie engaging fans on Sunday afternoon’s debacle in Los Angeles.)

Still later, the Nets posted their injury update and while Vaughn is expected to talk on Simmons health, he won’t be in the lineup vs. the Knicks. Simmons has been out since November 6, having played in six of the Nets’ 42 games so far. He’s averaging 6.5 points, 10.8 rebounds and 6.7 assists per game.