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Fedor: Cleveland Cavaliers have interest in Dorian Finney-Smith, but for who?

San Antonio Spurs v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers are both in Paris, France, Thursday. So are their GMs and Chris Fedor, the veteran Cleveland NBA writer thinks they could be doing more than sampling the escargot.

Feder on his Wine and Gold Talk podcast said that Cavs have interest in Dorian Finney-Smith (and almost traded for Royce O’Neale a year ago.) He also noted in the trade context that the Nets have had previous interest in 6’9” Cav big Dean Wade.

“Dorian Finney-Smith is somebody that I do believe that the Cavs have interest in,” Fedor told his co-host Ethan Sears. “He is somebody who can play the three and the four, he can shoot well enough from the outside spacing the floor.”

Fedor said that DFS could serve as a back-up — “an insurance policy” — for Cavs’ starter Georges Niang. He also said that he did not expect any acquisition of Finney-Smith to be “exorbitant” that Cleveland should have “enough to go out and get him.” In discussions about who might move east to Brooklyn, Fedor said, “A source tells me that the Brooklyn Nets have expressed interest in Dean Wade in the past.”

Wade is a 6’9” big, at 27 three years younger than Finney-Smith. Like DFS, Wade is a solid defender who can hit the three. He is averaging 5.2 points. 4.6 rebounds and shooting 40/37/79 this season.

However, any trade of DFS, who makes $13.4 million this season, would require more than Wade. It’s been reported that the Nets turned down two first round picks — not further described — for Finney-Smith shortly after they acquired him at last year’s deadline in the Kyrie Irving trade. Moreover, Wade only makes $5.7 million this year. Wade like Finney-Smith has two years left on his contract.

Regarding last year’s Cavs interest in O’Neale, Fedor said the Cavs had gone so far as to engage a third team, but the Nets said they did not want to trade the 6’4” wing and the deal died.

Meanwhile, Jake Fischer of Yahoo! Sports writes that some in the NBA believe that Nets should be in the mix for Dejounte Murray, but he also notes that there’s been “no dialogue” between the Nets and Hawks. and the Nets are not “actively pursuing” Murray.

Brooklyn has been another potential (Dejounte) Murray destination mentioned by multiple league personnel, as the Nets are seen as an ideal spot from Murray’s side of this dynamic, sources said. But Brooklyn and Atlanta haven’t shared significant dialogue to this point, sources But Brooklyn and Atlanta haven’t shared significant dialogue to this point, sources said, and the Nets don’t appear to be actively pursuing Murray at this juncture.”