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Cam Johnson optimistic take on Ben Simmons’ future: ‘He makes us a better team’

2023 FIBA World Cup - USA Men’s National Team Practice - Las Vegas Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Add another voice to those saying Ben Simmons is close to being ready.

Cam Johnson, talking to the Post’s Ethan Sears Friday, joined with his GM, head coach, best friend and Simmons agent in offering optimism about the 6’11” guard’s future in Brooklyn.

“He sounds good,” Johnson said. “He’s in a good place. He says it’s progressing and he’s excited for the season. Looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table this year. I expect him to be, if not full form, pretty close to it.”

Simmons, who Mikal Bridges said has been fully engaged with teammates on the Nets group chat, posted encouragement to Johnson and Bridges on their FIBA World Cup journey...

The Nets set September 1 as a date for Simmons to be ready to go in 2023-24. In June, Simmons agreed not to join the Australian national team so he could continue his extended rehab from his May 5, 2022 back surgery. Last month, Bernie Lee, Simmons agent, told Termine & Johnson on SiriusXM Radio that the “expectation” is that Simmons will be ready for the beginning of training camp on October 3. “The expectation is that he’ll be able to start the season Day 1 of training camp and definitely the regular season without any limitations in any way,” said Lee.

“He’s very important to us,” Johnson told Sears. “There’s things that he does on the court that not many players in the NBA can do. And he adds something that is very valuable to myself, Spencer [Dinwiddie], Mikal [Bridges] and being able to set us up and get us shots and play in flow like that.

“With him on the court, it’ll make us a better team.”

Simmons is the only player on the Nets roster who’s been selected to the All-Star team (three times) or All-NBA (once). Johnson said the Nets will have to make adjustments in the offense and defense to accommodate Simmons’ talents.

“We’ll have to learn how to play in a manner that suits him on the court,” Johnson said. “He allows for me, Mikal, Spence to run around and find opportunities. Always head up, always looking.

“We’ll have to fully develop how that scheme will look. “Defensively, we’ll have a unique advantage of having Ben and [Nic Claxton], who can guard everybody on the court. Definitely a lot of positives there.”