Every NBA Team's Best New Player for the 2023-24 Season

The NBA summer transfer window is a time for fresh starts and clean slates for different teams, with imaginations running wild over what the future holds. Since no NBA team is planning to maintain the exact same roster next season, every squad has at least one new player to which their fans can attach unbridled excitement.

So, who are these promising players sparkling inspiration and changing how fans will be wagering on NBA games next season? Here are the best weapons that different clubs have acquired ahead of the 2023/2024 campaign.

Kobe Bufkin: Atlanta Hawks

Kobe Bufkin joined the Atlanta Hawks as their 15th overall pick and he’s bringing a load of offensive abilities to the team. While these offensive skills might not all be seen this season, he will be an excellent rotational player who blows up the score box. The fact that Kobe can play in the guard spot is also essential since Dejounte Murray and Trae Young account for a significant amount in Atlanta’s backcourt.

Kristaps Porzingis: Bolton Celtics

While Kristaps's injury played an uncomfortable role in his NBA story, his performance last season was a huge reminder of what will happen once he puts all that behind him. Since the 2016/2017 season, Kristaps has terrorized opposing defenses, while doing everything to hold together the Washington Wizards’ defense.

The Boston Celtics were willing to lose Marcus Smart, a defensive tone-setter, emotional leader, and top playmaker, in order to sign Kristaps. The team expects big things from the big player and he has a solid chance to meet and exceed these expectations provided he stays healthy.

Lonnie Walker IV: Brooklyn Nets

Dariq Whitehead and Noah Clowney are the most notable long-term additions to the Brooklyn Nets However, their contributions this season might be limited as they both have to record serious time in the G League. That’s why Lonnie Walker IV is in the spotlight.

Lonnie Walker IV was ready to register a career-making campaign last season, but the LA Lakers midseason makeover and his injuries slowed his rise. Brooklyn hopes to take advantage of his scoring punch, as he’s an explosive slasher capable of scratching that itch.

Brandon Miller: Charlotte Hornets

Brandon Miller is the best new baller that the Hornets have signed to their roster since the arrival of LaMelo Ball. Miller’s ceiling may be unsettled with questions about his creation and finishes, but everything else looks sparkling and he might impact the league in a huge way next season. The talented swingman packs an arsenal with live-dribble passing, movement shooting, insatiable energy, and defensive versatility.

Jevon Carter: Chicago Bulls

Since the Bulls lost Lonzo Ball in January 2022 from a knee injury, the team has been looking to fill his shoes on the field. Jevon Carter seems like the team’s best bet to assume this role, although his offensive performance has lacked volume lately. However, his efficiency suggests that he can turn up the heat when needed. Additionally, Carter is among the most tenacious defensive players in the league.