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Thank You Tom, Welcome Back Pooch!

NetsWorld, everything old is new again!

After 10 years, Tom Lorenzo is leaving NetsDaily as site manager to be replaced by ... Anthony Puccio, aka Pooch, who as anyone who’s been around these parts knows was an integral part of NetsDaily for years.

“It’s my honor and pleasure to reintroduce myself as NetsDaily’s new Site Manager, succeeding the great Tom Lorenzo, who hands over his throne after 10+ years at ND,” said Pooch.

“As much as I wanna pull an MJ and write “I’m back” — this is so much bigger than me. It’s about this team, community, and family that keeps on growing; the latter of which wouldn’t have been possible without Tom.”

“In the nearly 20-year history of NetsDaily, we’ve had two site managers: John Schumann who founded the site, then moved on to, and Tom,” added Bob Windrem, aka Net Income who continues in his role as editor.

“He and I probably met physically five or six times in the last decade but kept in nearly daily contact, writing and editing copy, vetting and developing writers and just trying to figure out where this team was going! Without him. the site would not be what it is — and has been — the go-to site for comprehensive news about your Brooklyn Nets.”

Indeed, perhaps Tom’s biggest achievement was finding, developing and mentoring Pooch.

“I’m thinking back on the day I read Tom’s introduction as Site Manager. I was sitting around a pizzeria that I worked at (naturally reading ND), waiting for my order to be called. For me, I didn’t have much direction in my life. I was attending community college, delivering pizzas, and working in a warehouse while trying to help my family after we’d fallen on some tough times.

“I had balled my whole life at a competitive level. I wasn’t a bad writer. But I legitimately had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I remember reading Lorenzo’s Site Manager post and thought, ‘This dude seems super genuine.’ He really had such a welcoming aura to him, and turns out, that was the very least of it.

“I reached out to Tom and he was exactly who I thought he was. He took the time to read through my long message and he came back with sound advice, though nothing better than, ‘Just keep writing.’”

As Pooch notes, Tom opened the door and had him write game recaps for the 2013-14 Nets team, their second year in Brooklyn, a role he continued for seven seasons. Now, after a short respite, he’s back, ironically, in Tom’s role.

“I’m forever indebted to Tom and the NetsDaily community. Every last one of you. And now, I can proudly announce that after a three-year hiatus, I’m taking Tom’s spot while he goes and spreads his incredible kindness and wisdom to his two kids, Eliana and Dom. He will be forever a part of this family as well.”

“A decade later, I’ve worked some cool jobs and bought my childhood home. Sounds cool and all, but it doesn’t mean shit if you don’t get to celebrate with the people who believed in you before anyone else did. And I’m proud to say that Tom and I had one last project... getting me back into the NetsWorld.”

Now, as the Nets enter a new phase, Pooch will be directing NetsDaily’s coverage of the 2023-24 season, an even decade since he started covering games.

“…. And Hello Brooklyn! I’m back after a fun seven-year run that ended after the Bubble (year 24 watching the team firsthand.) To those still reading this, if you have a dream or could simply use some advice the way I needed when I was younger, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out.”

“We’re all here because we like hoops and probably more specifically, Nets basketball. Let’s have fun. Let’s shake hands when we agree and let’s keep it cool when we disagree.

“Needless to say, but I’m super stoked for the upcoming season and in the meantime, hit me up anytime, say hello at games — whatever it is. I cant wait to see you all at Barclays in October (and of course in the comment section!)”