Brooklyn Nets’ 4 Key Stats for the 11-Game Win Streak

The Brooklyn Nets had a turbulent start in the 2022/23 season that was marred with Kyrie Irving’s suspension, trade request for Kevin Durant, dismissal of the head coach Steve Nash, and Ben Simmons’ poor start after returning from injury. These issues seemed to limit the team from clinching the NBA title for the season. However, in December, things changed as the team, with the guidance of Jacque Vaughn, revitalized and surged up to the number 2 seed in the Eastern Conference standings. Despite their early woes, the Nets held the league’s second-best record at 24-12 after the Boston Celtics and attained an 11-game winning streak since their 2006 14 straight wins.

The team’s revival was caused by the dynamic play of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, who continuously piled up points which enabled the Nets to improve considerably on every side, including their court performance. According to Nets PR, December was the team’s winning month. The Nets entered the month of December at 12-1 and won 15 of their last 16 games, making it the most revered team in the league.

The Nets’ 123.4 Offense Rating

In their 11-game winning streak, the Brooklyn Nets had an impressive 123.4 offensive rating with 4.0 points for every 100 possessions. These great stats enabled the team to dethrone the New York Knicks from the second position. Throughout this span, the Nets connected the balls with extreme efficiency at 43.6% from the 3-point line, 55.2% from the field, and successfully dishing 27.5% assists in every game. This made them trail only Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors.

Ben Simmons’ 16.3 Net Rating

As Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant graced the headlines, Ben Simmons emerged as the Nets’ exceptional player with a 16.3 Net Rating. Simmons’ versatility was a game-changer as he could effortlessly switch between big men, guarding perimeters, and playing as a disruptive defender. He has a 107.6 defensive rating and a 123.9 offensive rating. The 2022-23 season revealed his best version, making him a favorite to many fans.

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Irving and Durant's Great Performance

Discussions regarding the best player for the Nets this season centered mostly on Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. In the 11-game streak, Durant (29.2) and Irving (29.6) had an average of 58.8 points combined in every game and scored exceptionally well. As Irving played on a higher level, Durant stood out in every game. Irving scored 9.0 points in the fourth quarter to lead the NBA, which later increased to 11.3 points in their 11-game streak.

Delivering the Clutch

The Nets had a close-to-perfect run by delivering a clutch in their 11-game streak. The team’s six games were won by six or fewer points, and seven wins came in the clutch (games won in the final five minutes within five points). These last minutes victories left many fans on the edge of their seats and provided an adrenaline rush that only the Nets can deliver.

In Summation

This season, the Brooklyn Nets found new hope with their newfound execution and offensive rhythm that is likely to realign them back on track to clinch the NBA championship. Despite their failures at the beginning of the season, the Nets have built momentum that might change the league's future. This team’s future seems bright, but we can only wait to see how it unfolds.