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GONE: Nets lose Seth Curry, Yuta Watanabe in first day of free agency

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, Seth Curry and Yuta Watanabe are not returning to Brooklyn. Per reports, Curry is signing with the Dallas Mavericks and Watanabe with the Phoenix Suns. Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania who broke news of the signings, did not provide specifics of either player’s contract...

In the case of Watanabe, the signing was almost certainly a vets minimum. The Suns are limited to signing players to the minimum after their trade for Bradley Beal earlier this month.

The loss of Curry and Watanabe along with the trade of Joe Harris will no doubt hurt the Nets 3-point shooting, but all three spent a lot of time either injured in Watanabe’s case or recovering from surgery in the cases of Curry and Harris who had career statistical lows across the board. Curry came to Brooklyn in the James Harden trade in March 2022 and played well his first year but needed ankle surgery in the off-season. Watanabe was signed at the beginning of the season out of training camp and missed games with nagging injuries.

The Nets roster now stands at 14 with three rookies arriving and four veterans, including David Duke Jr. who the Nets declined to extend Thursday, departing.