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Mikal Bridges: ‘I like the team without any moves’ but oh, that Damian Lillard


Mikal Bridges was at the Vitamin Shoppe Saturday across from Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal Saturday to sign autographs and promote a new energy product from G FUEL inspired by the film, “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.”

And while there, he wowed more than one fan just by being Mikal Bridges

Bridges, who is the face of the franchise after his stunning 27 game stint following the trade deadline, also took questions about the Nets current roster; Cam Johnson’s free agency; his upcoming appearance in the FIBA World Cup ... and his buddy and off-season workout partner, Damian Lillard.

In talking with Peter Botte of the Post, Bridges made it clear that he likes what the Nets have on their roster already.

“One hundred percent,” said Bridges, who averaged 26.1 points following the trade. “I like the team we have now going into the year, that’s without any moves.

“I’m definitely a fan of who we have coning into this offseason and coming into the preseason.”

And he also likes the three additions Sean Marks made on Draft Night.

“Lucky for them, they didn’t have to go nowhere. They stayed instead of finding out somewhere in the morning,” Bridges said, another reference to how the hometown 76ers took him at No. 10 in the 2018 Draft then traded him to the Suns. “I’m definitely excited for them and just know that feeling, especially their families as well. I’m happy for them.”

Noah Clowney had praised his new teammate Friday at HSS Training Center saying he admired Bridges for his transition from Phoenix to Brooklyn.

“I like [him] because of the role he played with the Suns and then to come here and step up. Kind of waited his turn,” Clowney said.

In talking to Botte, Bridges admitted he’s watching what’s going on in Portland with Lillard “just like everyone else.” Lillard has called Bridges the best small forward in the NBA.

Lillard would “help any team” if the Blazers make him available either in the coming weeks or at the deadline.

“Dame is Dame, everyone knows what he does and what he can do,” Bridges told The Post. “He’s an unbelievable leader, unbelievable player. Everybody in the world knows that. He’d be key for anybody, any team he goes to. He’s one of the Top 75 already, an unbelievable player.

“So wherever he goes, if he does go, he’s gonna make an impact.”

As for the next team Bridges will play for, Bridges said it was an honor to be selected for Team USA and admitted he was surprised when he got the call.

“It’s an honor, it really is. Just appreciative they asked me to be a part of it,” Bridges said. “I don’t think no was even an option in my head, so I’m just blessed to even have the opportunity.”

He added that he was equally thrilled that his bestie, Cam Johnson, would be joining him in red, white and blue.

“Cam, my twin, like I say it all the time, so it’s great that we’ll go over there and experience that at the same time,” Bridges said. “And Jalen (Brunson, his Villanova teammate), for sure, it’s going to be fun.

“Just the connection we have, it’s kind of like riding a bike, so we know that connection’s gonna be there again.”

He also said that Johnson knows how he feels about CJ’s free agency.

“He definitely knows I want him here (in Brooklyn) and nowhere else.,” adding that he tells Johnson to stay in Brooklyn every time they speak.

And he said he isn’t involved in free agency ... a departure from his predecessors.

“They get paid to do that and I trust them. I just sit back there and watch just like everybody else.”