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SB Nation NBA Mock Draft: Nets grab two guards in the first round

The SB Nation NBA writers conducted their annual NBA Mock Draft; we, of course, participated and drafted two new players for these Brooklyn Nets.

NBA: Combine David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year again. The NBA Draft is here and it’s time to get overloaded on mock drafts. Literally, what else are you going to do this week other than obsess over who you think other people think might get drafted by the Brooklyn Nets?

I have the answer for you: nothing, you’re going to do nothing other than exactly that.

So while I have you, let’s add my name to the list of mock drafters, as I was part of the SB Nation full first round mock draft. A pretty fun annual tradition, if you ask me. One in which I almost always get it absolutely wrong.

For now, though, here’s a look into who I was thinking the Nets should take:

21. Brooklyn Nets (via PHX) - Jordan Hawkins, G, UConn

2023 NBA Draft: UConn’s Jordan Hawkins

Tom Lorenzo, Nets Daily — If there’s one thing we know the Nets love, it’s a wing who can stretch the floor. With the futures of Joe Harris and Seth Curry in flux, the Nets could look to add one of the best shooters in the draft in Jordan Hawkins who can help the team immediately as someone who can come in and space the defense.

22. Brooklyn Nets - Rayan Rupert, G, New Zealand Breakers

2023 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Rayan Rupert

Tom Lorenzo, Nets Daily — There are a lot of tea leaves to be read here with this pick; first, the fact that Rupert plays in New Zealand, a personal favorite scouting ground of Nets GM Sean Marks. Second, the fact that Rupert said Mikal Bridges is his favorite NBA player. This seems like a match made in heaven. There are a lot of teams in the league who could use a lock-down perimeter defender, the Nets included. So Rupert could be an instant plug-and-play for Brooklyn next season to help give them some credibility on the defensive side of the ball.

You can see the rest of the draft here, which is a helpful link for you to determine how insane you think I am for thinking such things.

I was admittedly pretty surprised to see Hawkins fall this far; I know there are some concerns about his size, but the dude can definitely shoot the ball and in today’s game — well, shooters shoot.

And with some questions around Joe Harris and Seth Curry, it might be time for the Nets to reload on long-range shooters.

On the other hand, I was getting nervous about Rupert not making it to No. 22. He has a ton of potential and is someone who feels like he can step in and play a major role on the defensive side of the ball.

Look, this mock draft is already about to be out of date once I publish it and someone more reputable releases his or her updated mock, but it’s a fun exercise to think about.

Who do you have the Nets taking?