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Day’Ron Sharpe shows up at Brazil’s streetball mecca and puts on a show

Day’Ron Sharpe gets around. The 21-year-old is on vacation in Brazil and no NBA player’s trip to the city of Sao Paolo is complete without a visit to the city’s version of Rucker Park, Kaleman Square in the Diadema neighborhood.

It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. Earlier in the day, he got together with hoopsters at another street ball mecca, Ibirapuera Park, and was told he had to go to Kaleman. And he showed out, doing some wild things with the ball that would have probably gotten him benched the next play in Brooklyn...

After the switch-hands drives to the rim and the dramatic dunks, Sharpe got together with some fans for happy snaps. Sharpe who was staying with a friend also visited the NBA store in Brazil’s largest city.

As this fan said, per a Google translation, the appreciation for Sharpe was great...

“An athlete who plays for @brooklynnets and has already shared the court with the biggest ones, like @ jharden13 , @kyrieirving and @easymoneysniper playing in our hood, with our friends, no text can describe the dimension and satisfaction of this event

“Gratitude to basketball for providing these moments.”