Keep Cam Thomas DNP - CD

Can anyone actually tell me why Cam Thomas deserves to play, has any on court value?

I know the point totals when he starts, but of those 4 games, only 1 was a win and that game he went 3/16. (i know the lineups in these games)

His True Shooting %, eFG% are both below league average.

His D rating is terrible, Box Plus Minus -3.1, his FG added (how many points added based on if a league average player shot his FGs) is -50!!! That means a league average player would have 50 more points taking his shots!

His role was very minor in all the Nets best wins, except for the Laker Game.

He has a worse defensive rating than Seth Curry!!

He's young and has an offensive bag, I understand that. But I do not understand the support I am seeing for him, because genuinely we're a worse team when he's on the court, and we will score less with the ball in his hand.