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Spencer Dinwiddie gets into it with Kyle Kuzma

Washington Wizards v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Kyle Kuzma is at home with plenty of free time, not preparing for any more basketball. So on Wednesday, he lashed out at Spencer Dinwiddie in an online rant that continued the two players’ feud that began back when they briefly played for the Wizards in 2021 after Dinwiddie was traded by the Nets.

The feud was one reason that Dinwiddie was traded to Dallas not long after. The match did not work out. Michelle Beadle of FanDuel TV’s Run It Back asked Dinwiddie about it Wednesday and he didn’t hold back.

“You know that you’re there shooting shots to try to get a contract. You’re probably not even a third star really on a good team because if you were the Lakers would have kept you,” Dinwiddie responded.

That snark was about how the Lakers who had drafted the 6’9” power forward with a Nets pick back in 2017 included him in the Russell Westbrook trade. He had been part of the Lakers 2020 NBA championship team.

Well, that set Kuzma off on a Twitter rampage...

h/t to @NetsKingdom

Kuzma’s Wizards, despite having some top-flight players, seem to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of injury and disappointing results and once again didn’t make the cut this season, something Dinwiddie had pointed out while with the Mavericks.

“In D.C. if you’ve got three max dudes—Porzingis, Brad and Kuz—how [do] you miss the playoffs? None of these things make sense, unless your priorities aren’t in order,” Dinwiddie said.

Finally (?) on Thursday, Dinwiddie compared Kuzma’s NBA ring in 2020 to that Rick Fox who won championships with the Lakers in a less than significant role.

“Some people are blessed to be in situations,” Dinwiddie said. “We don’t get mad at Rick Fox for winning a championship with Kobe [Bryant] and Shaq [O’Neal]. Like some people are blessed, right, and that’s great, but we can’t act like Rick Fox led them to a championship. Like let’s not do that.”

Kuzma, it should be noted, did play a significant role in the Lakers championship, averaging 12.9 points a game in that COVID-interrupted season.

Kuzma, who’s always had a bit of mercurial personality, may have played himself. The back-and-forth can’t help him in his upcoming free agent negotiations. Kuzma is expected to decline his $13 million player option and see what he’s worth on the open market. For the record, Dinwiddie made $5 million more this season and ... is preparing for the post-season.