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EXCLUSIVE: BSE Global exploring potential enhancements for Barclays Center

Barclays Center’s parent company is looking to reimagine the home of the Brooklyn Nets

BSE Global - headed by Joe Tsai and parent company of all things Brooklyn Nets - has entered the early stages of planning a round of renovations to Barclays Center, one that will focus on equalizing fan experience across all ticket price ranges and perhaps opening up new arena vistas.

BSE Global has partnered with CSL (Conventions, Sports & Leisure International), a consulting firm specializing in, well, exactly what it says, to conduct the market research phase of the operation. To that end, Nets fans can expect to receive a survey in their inboxes on Thursday from BSE Global, focused on the event-day experience at the ‘Clays.

In an exclusive interview with NetsDaily, Adina Erwin, General Manager of the Barclays Center, anticipated that the results of the survey “will inform the directions we take in renovations in the future.” So, if you’ve been dying to tell Joe Tsai that the popcorn is too salty, or that the Dean Street entrance still needs to be kept a secret (shh), this could be your chance.

The timing, of course, is interesting. This season marked one of pivotal change for the Nets as the franchise said goodbye to their once-pillars in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Will fans see enhancements to the arena in the hopes of distracting them from a lesser on-court product?

Perhaps not. NetsDaily has been told that this partnership between BSE Global and CSL emerged before this season’s trade deadline. Erwin also dismissed such skepticism: “No, I don’t think we’re focused on what took place following the trade deadline. We’re all about the people that are choosing to continue to engage with us, to grow with us. This is about a relationship with Brooklyn.”

So, what brought about this initiative, then? Why now?

“Barclays Center just celebrated its 10th year anniversary, and most arenas, you know, are looking to do some type of renovation in that 15 to 20 year mark of age,” said Erwin. “And we’re honestly just trying to stay ahead of the curve. We want to always be providing the best experience possible.”

Nothing, though, is concrete at this stage. Even the coming season may be too early for fans to notice changes beyond the yearly comings and goings of their favorite food vendors, or even hear any concrete announcements about the future of the Barclays Center.

Generally, the focus for this round of coming improvements to the home of the Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty seems to be on democratizing the fan experience while keeping it unique. According to Erwin, “where we’re heading is trying to ensure that every fan — no matter what price point they’ve chosen to or been able to engage with in the arena — that they all have what we would call a premium experience.’”

Erwin briefly hinted at some specifics of how this might be done: “We also are looking at, you know, our suites and our suite levels. Most arenas are trending, at this point, to having fewer of those so that you can have more of what I just talked about: more access, more elevated types of experiences for more people.”

The Barclays Center General Manager also touched on some other ideas that are being explored, including “a portion of the of the arena being open during non-event time so that we are able to open up a little bit more to the community for you know, community events or other retail opportunities as well.”

Overall, anything and everything is on the table for BSE Global, although it may take a little time for their plans to come to fruition. On Thursday, Nets fans will have an opportunity to provide their input by way of an e-mailed survey, which comes on the heels of these two brief, sweepstakes-based surveys, previewed by Atlantic Yards Report’s Norman Oder.

For a Brooklyn Nets franchise that seems to be stuck in a infinite laundry cycle, this represents yet another, albeit less dramatic development; the Barclays Center may soon be getting a makeover.