Was Kyrie leaving good for the Nets

If Kyrie Irving leaving the Brooklyn Nets is a good or bad thing is debatable. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages.

Irving is a talented player who can make any team successful, on the one hand. He has a sizable fan base and is a well-liked player. His contributions on the court and in the locker room will be missed by the Nets.

Conversely, Irving has stirred up debate all throughout his career. He has missed a lot of time because of his injury and other issues. His remarks and deeds off the court have also drawn criticism. Without the turmoil that Irving has added to the squad, the Nets might be in a better situation.

Ultimately, whether Kyrie Irving leaving the Nets is good or bad will depend on how the team handles his departure and how they use the resources they receive in return. Overall, I think that Kyrie's leaving was good for the Nets since we got some good things for him, but he is a bit of a poison to the team because of his off-court actions. His play against the Mavericks also hasn't been good since there is a risk that the Mavs might not make it at all considering how tight the West is right now.