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Deadlines and Commitments: Ain’t Sh*t Funny edition

The Nets are remade and not for the best, not for now anyway. With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving gone, and the new face of the franchise is likely to be Mikal “Brooklyn” Bridges (trademark pending.) The next few hours and days are likely to be filled with even more rumors, more moves, more angst for Nets fans.

Here’s what to look forward to ... or not:

February 9 - NBA trade deadline, 3:00 p.m. ET. The Nets need to finish the Kevin Durant trade call before they deal any of the assets acquired in the Durant trade. Will everything get done by 3:00 p.m.? Seems doubtful.

February 10 - The $2.5 million Traded Player Exception generated by the James Harden trade expires. The TPE had been $11.3 million but Nets used most of it in trade for Royce O’Neale.

February 10 - The Nets $1.7 million Traded Player Exception generated by the Paul Millsap element of the 76ers trade expires. The Nets generated four more TPEs in the two superstar trades: a $5.0 million and $1.8 million in the Kyrie deal, $7.9 million and $1.8 million in the KD deal. Both will expire in a year.

February 11 - James Harden returns to Barclays Center with 76ers for the first time. Oh joy.

February 13 - First Nets-Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. If the Nets win, it will be their 10th straight over the Knicks.

February 17-19 - NBA All-Star Weekend 2023 (Salt Lake City, UT). NBA games resume February 22. Yuta Watanabe is hopeful for an invitation to the 3-point shooting contest but Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will be representing the Western Conference.

March 1 - Playoff Eligibility Waiver Deadline, aka the buyout deadline. Players waived or bought out after this date cannot play in post-season with a different team. The TMLE could come in handy here even if diminished. The TMLE drops by $37,236 every day after January 10. By March 1, it will be worth $4.62 million, still substantially above the vets minimum. Before Thursday, it looked like the Nets might be interested in bringing someone on. Now? They may be off-loading.

March 19 - Bruce Brown returns to Brooklyn with Denver Nuggets.

March 25 - Long Island Nets conclude G League season at Rio Grande Valley.

March 28 - G League playoffs begin

April 4 - Michael Grady returns to Brooklyn with Minnesota Timberwolves. At least there’s some comfort on this calendar!

April 9 - Regular season ends with 76ers facing Nets at Barclays Center. Luxury taxes calculated based on roster at the end of the regular season.

April 10 - Rosters set for NBA Playoffs 2023 (3:00 p.m. ET)

April 10 - WNBA Draft. Liberty had the No. 6 pick but traded it in the Jonquel Jones trade. They currently have the 30th pick.

April 11-14 - NBA Play-In Tournament. Will it be an issue? The Nets are 34-25 at the moment, the fifth seed.

—April 15 - Start of NBA Playoffs. Assuming they don’t have to play in the play-in tournament, the Nets will have a week to rest up between end of the season and first game of the playoffs.

May 1-2 - NBA Conference Semifinals begin (possible move-up to April 29-30)

—May 16 - The Victor Wembanyama Sweepstakes, aka the Draft Lottery. It’s hard to imagine the Nets will have any dog in this fight, but expect it to be the most watched NBA Lottery ever.

May 16-17: NBA Conference Finals begin (possible move-up to May 14-15)

May 19 - New York Liberty open their 2023 season vs. Washington Mystics in the District.

May 21 - New York Liberty open at home, vs. Indiana Fever.

June 1 - NBA Finals 2023 Game 1

June 18: NBA Finals 2023 Game 7 (if necessary). No parades this time.

—June 22 - NBA Draft. Nets currently have the 21st, 24th and 54th picks. That will change.

June 29 - Qualifying offer deadline for two-ways David Duke Jr. and Dru Smith.

June 30 - Free agency begins with teams permitted to talk with free agents. Seth Curry, Yuta Watanabe and Cameron Johnson become free agents, the first two unrestricted, Johnson restricted, meaning the Nets can match any offers he may receive. At this point, the Nets do not have any cap space and in fact are still above the luxury tax threshold.

July 6 - Nets must decide on team option for Edmond Sumner at vets minimum.

July 7 - NBA owners must pay luxury tax to the league. A week ago, the Nets tax bill looked like it would be $108.2 million. After the moves leading up the deadline, it’s now roughly $6.9 million.

Hang in there, sports fans.