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KYRIE WANTS OUT! Failure to agree on new deal leads to trade request

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Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Things are not right in Brooklyn ... again.

Numerous NBA reporters tweeted Friday afternoon that Kyrie Irving has requested a trade by next Thursday’s deadline after he and the Nets failed to agree on an extension. According to Shams Charania, the Nets wanted Irving to agree to certain stipulations, not further described, and he and team refused to accept them, wanting a fully guaranteed deal. Specifically, Shams said that Irving objected to “stipulations” in the last year of a proposed deal.

Here are the initial rush of tweets...

Irving is currently on an expiring $36.9 million contract. He is eligible for a four-year, $200 million extension which can be signed at any point during the season or in free agency. Adrian Wojnarowski reported on NBA Today that Irving wanted a deal done before the season ended. The Nets can sign him either during the season or in free agency.

A little more than a week ago, Irving’s agent and stepmother, Shetellia Riley Irving, told Haynes that while Irving wanted to stay with the Nets, the team had not tendered any significant offer.

“Around Kyrie and staying with the Nets? I have reached out to the Nets regarding this,” Shetellia Irving told Haynes. “We have had no significant conversations to date. The desire is to make Brooklyn home, with the right type of extension, which means the ball is in the Nets’ court to communicate now if their desire is the same.”

Woj reports that the request was delivered earlier Friday.

There were some talks on a new deal for Irving, but no deal was reached and a trade request was delivered to the organization on Friday, sources told ESPN. Irving can leave the franchise this summer as a free agent.

The Nets have three games, all at Barclays Center, vs. the Wizards on Saturday, the Clippers on Monday and the Suns Tuesday between now and the deadline.

Irving’s request, coming just before the deadline, obviously puts the Nets in a bad position. While Irving is playing well, at a career-high level in fact, he is coming off the latest in a number of controversies, his promotion of an anti-semitic video that cost him an eight game suspension and a $50,000 fine from the NBA.

While the Lakers reportedly had interest in Irving during last summer when both his and Kevin Durant’s situation was uncertain, it remains to be seen what team would want to take him on ... and what they would offer the Nets in return.

Brian Windhorst on NBA Today suggested that while the Lakers may be interested in Irving, they may may not be interested in paying him the max.

“They’ve been interested, but they’re not so sure about trading for him and giving him a 200 million dollar contract at season’s end,” Windhorst told Malika Andrews.

Marc Stein reports that the Lakers — and Mavericks — could be among those teams interested in engaging with the Nets...

The Mavericks have several key pieces in their front office who have had relationships with Irving, as Tim MacMahon noted...

Shams reported Friday afternoon that in addition to the Lakers and Mavs, the Suns may also have interest...

Haynes agrees...

Bobby Marks noted that dealing Irving could be complicated...

Ramona Shelburne added...

If there is a deadline trade, it would be the second time in two years that a Nets superstar wanted out of Brooklyn. Last year at the deadline, James Harden requested a trade and was dealt to Philadelphia for a package headlined by Ben Simmons.

The larger question of course is how this will affect Kevin Durant’s tenure with the club. Woj said he was as surprised as anyone by the turn of events. Of course, Durant requested his own trade last summer which many believe was related to the Nets refusal to provide Irving an extension before the June 30 deadline. One question that arises: Is Irving trying to get KD to pressure the Nets?

Woj said on ESPN that it’s uncertain that Irving will even return to play for Brooklyn.

“I think its difficult now for Kyrie Irving to walk back in this locker room between now and trade deadline and just go back to work. I’m told that he’s been good around this team lately. Everybody was optimistic,” said Woj. “But that all changes today.”

Irving is expected to play Saturday night vs. the Wizards at Barclays Center.

The Durant dispute took seven weeks to resolve with KD and the Nets agreeing to continue their “partnership” following meetings with Joe Tsai in London and Los Angeles. The Nets essentially called his bluff and refused to deal him for anything less than a monster package of young players and picks, which no team was prepared to offer. Durant’s four-year, $198 million deal with Brooklyn has three years to run after this season.

Irving and Durant have been selected as Eastern Conference starters in the All-Star Game which will take place February 19, 10 days after the trade deadline. He is averaging 27.1 points, 5.3 assists and 5.1 rebounds a game.