There’s plenty of blame to go around.

I had sometime to think about who was to blame for our Big 3 break up. I believe it was plenty of blame to go around. This is my opinion only. Agree, don’t agree, either way it’s all good!

Kyrie - 40%

- Continued to put himself before the team which caused friction within the organization.

- Was not 100% committed to playing basketball which led to other Stars wanting out.

- Unreliable.

- A PR media nightmare.

- lacked accountability.

Front Office - 40%

- Hired Steve Nash as the HC and continued to stay with him after it was proven he was incompetent.

- Glaring holes in the roster every year.

- Should have kept Kyrie’s punishment in house. Joe Tsai tweeting about team business is a no no.

- No clear sense of leadership.

- Tried to appease stars too much which resulted in making some dumb decisions.

James Harden - 10%

- Conspired with Daryl Morey and the 76’ers to force a trade to Philly. After the Nets gave up multiple assets and their future for him.

- Came into the season unfit and playing overweight which more than likely caused his hamstring injury.

- Did not want to lead, QUIT when things got rough. He basically wanted to ride Kyrie and KD’s coattails to a championship. And once he seen that probably wasn’t happening he was out.

KD - 10%

- Passive aggressive, did not want to hold his best friend accountable for nuking the franchise.

- Quit on the Nets after he found out his best friend was leaving. Ran when things got tough.

- Great basketball talent but lacked the vocal and communication leadership skills to keep everyone in check.