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Cam Thomas gets serious about ‘Ain’t Sh*t Funny’

When Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports asked Cam Thomas back in January why he doesn’t smile more, Thomas came up with an answer in line with his well-known stoicism.

“Ain’t sh*t funny,” he said. In other words, he has high standards. He later elaborated on things by saying he takes his basketball seriously. It’s not funny. It’s serious business.

Serious business indeed. On the day after he went for his third straight 40 piece, Thomas, through his C. Thomas Enterprises, registered a trademark on “Ain’t Sh*t Funny” for hats and shirts with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office...

A couple of days before he filed, Thomas was asked about the phrase ... and whether he would trademark it...

Look into it, he did. And now with the trademark process underway, the 21-year-old has begun sporting some of the gear he hopes to sell ...

The trademark news, first posted on Twitter by NetsDaily, is getting a lot of attention with literally tens of thousands of his fans retweeting the news with some presumably buying the gear too.

The trademark process will take some time, but until then, Thomas has protected his interests. It is after all a business.