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NBA Trade Deadline 2023: What to expect from the Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets championship odds on DraftKings currently sits at +600.

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets, for better or worse, seem likely to stand pat as the 2023 NBA Trade Deadline looms.

It’s certainly possible a small, cosmetic move will be made but the idea of making a major splash seems like a pipe dream at this point. And for good reason, actually.

The Nets are set up about as best they can be to make a run at the title this year. Even looking at the DraftKings Odds, Brooklyn has a +600 chance of coming out of the East. Would you believe me if I told you that those odd are second best in the NBA?

Only the Boston Celtics (+360) have better odds than the Nets to win the title this year.

A big part of that has been Kyrie Irving’s ability to keep things interesting while Kevin Durant is out and not see the absolute bottom fall out from under this team.

Durant is still expected back soon-ish, but as the Nets get themselves somewhat-comfortably situated into the middle of the pack in the East, it’s hard to see where they make any major move this deadline.

Still, there’s some interesting speculation out there. Tim Bontemps of ESPN says, speculatively, that the Nets and Jae Crowder could be a nice fit,

He notes the situation in Phoenix with Crowder being away from the team and the Nets need for some additional big bodies to go up against the likes of Joel Embiid in the playoffs as a reason for both teams to consider.

In the deal he proposes Seth Curry, Kessler Edwards and two second round picks as potential bait. Given Curry is on a $8.5 million expiring deal there is certainly some potential appeal there.

ESPN also has a speculative trade proposal that fills a similar need, size, by sending Edwards, Sharpe and the Philly 1st to Utah for Jarred Vanderbilt.

Again, this is meant to improve the length and size of the Nets but at a more costly cost of a 1st round pick.

Naz Reid’s name has also been out there for similar reasons.

So if you’re a betting man or woman, you can see the pattern forming here; the Nets have a hole to fill in adding size come playoff time. Is that big man going to come in the same way that a James Harden - Ben Simmons deal transpired and shake up the landscape of the NBA? Seems less likely anything of that significance will happen.

As they say, though, the best player the Nets may get back is a healthy Kevin Durant. Consider that your blockbuster trade, and be happy if they can find a way to add a veteran big without blowing up much of the future.

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