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Nets fans get reprieve on auto renewal of season tickets

Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee, 2021 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals Set Number: X163667 TK1

Thursday was supposed to be the day season ticket-holders had to decide whether to renew their tickets for next season, but in an “update” to fans sent out Thursday even, Sean Marks, the team GM, and Sam Zussman, the team CEO, disclosed a change in plans: the auto-renewal option has been eliminated and team reps will soon reach out to fans “to engage in an open dialogue” about their continued support of the team.

The letter cited the loss of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and the arrival of new players in the franchise’s decision. Indeed, fans — some going back to the team’s days in New Jersey — have complained about the impending rebuild ... and rises in prices.

The letter began with the acknowledgement of the changes.

Since we embarked on our 2023-24 auto-renewal campaign, we have said goodbye to players who were part of our family, and welcomed an exciting new ones. We are energized by this dynamic group which brings more depth and versatility to our team. We have a clear pathway and through a multitude of draft picks, we will further strengthen our team.

As a result, Marks and Zussman wrote:

Given the magnitude of the change, we thought it would be right to give you, our most loyal supporters, ample time to make the decision that is best for you.

Instead, there will be outreach.

We will reaching out to you in the coming weeks to engage in an open dialogue about your membership.

Here’s the full letter, courtesy of @CourtsideNets ...

No word on whether price increases will be rolled back when all is said and done. Also, no word on when the plan was formulated. Two days ago, a Nets season ticket holder suggested that now was not the time to put fans on the line. Joe Tsai responded early Thursday...

The Nets financial picture of course is not totally dependent on season ticket holders but it remains a big part of team revenue. Increasingly, the NBA’s 30 teams are more dependent on revenue from TV and streaming rights deals as well as team sponsorships and advertising.