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Cam Thomas can smile ... and has a reason to!

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When Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports asked Cam Thomas why he doesn’t smile more, Thomas came up with an answer in line with his well-known stoicism.

“Ain’t sh*t funny,” he said. In other words, he has high standards.

Now that line has become his mantra. So much so you can now buy t-shirts with his unsmiling visage and those words.

Thomas, of course, can smile and did so the other night when he helped lead the Nets to a win over the Lakers with a 21-point outburst in 23 minutes that included hitting 4-of-6 from deep. Watch closely. The video is rare but it is real.

Thomas has a reason to smile. He is, once again, stepping up when called on. Earlier this season, with most of the Nets starters resting, he scored 33 points, 21 in the fourth, in Brooklyn’s improbable win over the Pacers. And last year, you may remember, with the Nets down 28 to the Knicks, the then-rookie hit a 28-foot dagger at MSG to end the Knicks dream of finally winning one against New York’s best team.

Kyrie Irving took note of both Thomas’ talents and personality after the Lakers game...

On Tuesday, Robinson spoke to Thomas about his sense of humor and what he thinks is funny.

“My family. Myself. My teammates of course. They’re funny. So, myself, my teammates and my family,” he said.

And who is Thomas’ favorite comedian. Again, he was efficient in his praise.

“Chris Tucker is hilarious in the (‘Rush Hour’ movies). He’s in my favorites. ‘The Boondocks” is hilarious. And that’s it, really,” Thomas told the Bally Sports reporter.

As for his attitude while not playing, the 21-year-old was philosophical.

“I know who I am, and I know what I can do on the court, you know? I just keep working all the time and stay confident, you know? My opportunity will come around … and when that comes, I’ll be ready for it. So just staying confident and staying ready for it.”

And his inspiration? Not a secret.

“Grew up watching? Kobe. Of course you have other guys that you like to watch, but as far as admiring and wanting to be like, taking things from … Kobe.”