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Lewis: Ben Simmons agent says he’s progressing after epidural, could be ‘days to weeks’ away

The Nets are on a roll, winning three straight and six of their last seven, despite all the injuries. Now, Brian Lewis reports Simmons agent is making progress.

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Ben Simmons hasn’t played since November 6 because of recurring back and nerve impingement issues and there’s been no specifics from the Brooklyn Nets on when he might return. But Bernie Lee, Simmons agent, told Brian Lewis Friday that an epidural, a painkiller injected in the back a week ago, has helped his client and that his return could come in days to weeks.

“He’s looking at, I think, in the matter of days to weeks, as opposed to weeks to months,” Lee, told The Post, adding the epidural, has already had positive effects.

“It definitely has helped. And just like time and progression has helped him as well,” Lee said before the Friday’s game vs. Washington. “He’s been doing well, slowly taking steps. He’s starting to move around a little bit now. He’s starting to be able to run on some underwater treadmill stuff. So he’s starting to get around and move.

“It’s essentially how he sustains being able to do this, and then you move to the next kind of stage of rehab which is rebuilding him to get back on to get back to on-court stuff, getting back to that. … It’s like any injury. You do it in progressions, like one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three and stuff like that. So he’s doing the part now that builds towards that.”

Lee did not discuss any milestones Simmons needs to pass before he can move on. And the Nets had no comment when reached by NetsDaily.

“It’s just one of those things where it sucks,” Lee said. “When you’re in season, the No. 1 thing you need is time and patience, and the No. 1 thing you don’t have is time and/or patience, right? For him, obviously, with his background, having missed the amount of time that he has over the last couple years, obviously it’s frustrating. But you sit and you watch this team play and see the way he’s going to be able to impact it, this team’s got an opportunity to create something.”

Simmons has been troubled with back pain for three years and underwent back surgery in May 2022. Then after a subpar, injury-plagued season in 2022-23, Simmons spent the off-season rehabbing in Miami, giving the Nets and their fans optimism that he would get back to his All-Star levels. Simmons didn’t reach those levels played well before going down, but he was contributing — and averaging 10.8 rebounds a game — before he had to sit.