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Dennis Smith Jr. wants to be Brooklyn Nets jack-of-all trades ... and a savage

The Nets need a savage ... and a jack of all trades. Dennis Smith aims to be both.

Orlando Magic v Brooklyn Nets Photo by David L. Nemec/NBAE via Getty Images

Dennis Smith Jr. thinks he can help the Brooklyn Nets in a lot of ways.

“Rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, more than one way to skin a cat,” Smith said in describing what he brings to Brooklyn “So I’m just trying to give my team whatever they need, be an energy guy and get wins.”

Oh yeah, he’s also plays another role, he says. “I’m a savage,” he told YES Network’s Meghan Triplett after his double-double in the Nets blowout win over the Orlando Magic this week.

Smith like virtually everyone else on the roster (Hang in there, Mikal!) has spent time with the medical and performance teams and hasn’t yet hit the stride the Nets wanted and hoped for when they made him their top off-season target.

As C.J. Holmes of the Daily News wrote Tuesday, the Nets need Smith with Ben Simmons out for however long it takes for him to get his back pain-free.

Both his coach and captain think he’ll be fine, that savagery will prevail.

“I’m going to add [savage] to my lingo also,” Jacque Vaughn said. “You just see it, you feel it. And you feel his presence, and whether that is him picking up full court, whether that is him getting his own offensive rebound and putting it back up as the smallest dude out there, whether that is him cheering for his teammates, and so we missed it and glad to have him back.”

“[T]he things he does on that court,” said Mikal Bridges of Smith. “Just defensively, offensively to just being aggressive. And he just makes the game easier for everybody and contributes to winning. I wanted him here this summer when we signed him.”

Smith is on a one-year, vets minimum deal like Lonnie Walker IV and Trendon Watford. All have exceeded expectations, although Walker is now out for at least two weeks, likely more. It’ll be another opportunity for savagery.