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VIDEO ESSAY: Why Mikal Bridges is having a better start to the season than you think

Some pregame content on Mikal Bridges, set to play his 400th consecutive regular season game tonight, for your viewing pleasure.

Los Angeles Clippers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

With the Brooklyn Nets set to take on the Los Angeles Clippers at 7:30 tonight, here’s some content to keep Nets fans satisfied pregame.

Our first long-form video of the year discusses a Net that’s somehow flown under the radar, despite averaging 22/5/4 on 59% true shooting — a mark 2% greater than league average. It’s not Cam Thomas incinerating everything in his sight, or Ben Simmons doing the opposite, but rather Mikal Bridges.

No, he’s not touching the eye-popping 27 points-per-game on a 50/40/90 shooting slash-line, perhaps disappointing some fans who thought this year would bring Bridges into All-NBA conversations. Yet, in this video, I explain why Bridges’ start to the season on offense is quite encouraging, and how the first seven games of the season have already displayed improvements from the 27-year-old wing in key areas.