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Lewis: Ben Simmons agent says he’ll miss ‘some time’ after MRI shows ‘nerve impingement’

Sigh. Ben Simmons once again hampered by injury, per his agent.

Washington Wizards v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

In a series of tweets Tuesday afternoon, Brian Lewis revealed Ben Simmons agent believes the Nets point guard will miss “some time” — not further defined — after an MRI revealed “nerve irritation” on the left side of the body...

However, while there was that bit of optimism, Lewis also tweeted that the nerve impingement might have something to do with his back woes which required a surgery in May 2021 then afterwards, extensive therapy. His issues last season were ultimately diagnosed as nerve impingement...

And when the Nets released their own medical update after Lewis and Shams Charania had tweeted out they knew, it noted that the Nets are treating both his hip and back. (emphasis added) and Simmons status will be updated in a week.

In talking to reporters before Tuesday’s game, Jacque Vaughn tried to put an optimistic spin on what many Nets fan saw as more of the same on both the injury and Simmons fronts.

“You know, I had been telling you guys that he was day to day,” said Simmons. “I tried to give you as much as I can, as honest as I can. And Ben was day to day he was improving and got to a point where obviously he wasn’t playing, so we want to be extremely thorough.

“Had a MRI yesterday, which was read today which showed left impingement, left side impingement. We’ll look at him a week from now. He has been getting treatment, he’ll continue to get treatment. Hopefully response to that. He had been showing signs of being positive and leaning in the right direction. of feeling better. So hopefully, hopefully a week from now. Well, we can see some more progress.

“This is just a bump thats in his road right now that happened,” added Vaughn. “It’s not like he wanted it to happen. He was playing well and this happened. Everybody’s body is different. This is what he’s dealing with and we’ll support him while he’s dealing with it.”

This, of course, represents another injury setback for the Nets. Simmons will now require an uncertain rehab and missed time. He will miss his fourth game with the issue Tuesday night. In addition to Simmons, Cam Thomas is out with a sprained ankle and already this season, Cam Johnson and Nic Claxton have missed significant time.

As our Anthony Puccio pointed out a couple of hours prior to Lee’s comments to Lewis, Simmons has been the train driving the Nets offense.

Simmons is also averaging 10.8 rebounds a game, the most for a point guard in the NBA,

With his holdout and back and other injuries as well as mental issues, Simmons missed 157 games the past four years ending with 40 missed games last season. His five month rehab protocol was expected to help him deal with the physical and mental strains of this season.