Kyrie Irving's former teammates the Mavericks can keep an eye on

Although the Dallas Mavericks were fortunate to acquire Kyrie Irving in February of the previous season, the Mavericks may benefit from some of the secondary advantages of having Irving on the team in the next campaign.

The majority of Kyrie's previous teammates had a great time playing with him, and he is one of the NBA's most beloved and respected players. He has many prior excellent teammates, but not all of them are relevant to this list because they are either in safe circumstances or there haven't been any rumours of them leaving their current teams.

Though, given Kyrie's pulling ability, who knows if the Mavericks might maybe become involved in bringing one of his former colleagues to Dallas. Kyrie does have a number of realistic former teammates that the Mavericks could add via trade or free agency at some time over the next season or two. Where online can you see NBA Live Streams of the Nets? If you're in doubt ahead of the opening NBA season, check out the highlighted link herein.

The following three are former Kyrie Irving colleagues that the Mavericks might reasonably aim for.

3. Royce O'Neale

Though their time in Brooklyn together was brief, Kyrie's relationship with Royce O'Neale seemed to gel throughout their time on the court.

After the upcoming season with the Brooklyn Nets, Royce O'Neale is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agency. Most clubs have expiring contracts that could be up for grabs at or before the trade deadline, particularly in the mid-tier wage level where O'Neale is expected to play this coming season ($9.5 million). Additionally, the Nets have an abundance of 3-and-D wings, which increases the likelihood that they would want to combine O'Neale for a center or guard.

O'Neale, who will turn 30 in June, would provide the Mavericks with even more seasoned leadership in addition to his ability to contribute off the bench.

If they were to add O'Neale, the Mavericks would have an abundance of defense on the wing and at the offensive end. Additionally, adding a player who has shot over 38 per cent from three-point range in the last three seasons would allay concerns about the Mavericks' poor wing-shooting performance.

O'Neale would provide the Mavericks with a great deal of comfort on the wing, particularly because there are still unanswered concerns about how well Derrick Jones Jr. and Olivier-Maxence Prosper can shoot from beyond the arc in the upcoming season. The Mavericks should take advantage of the chance to sign O'Neale, one of Kyrie's old colleagues, even if they are more in need of a rim protector than a wing.

2. Marcus Morris

Kyrie Irving and Marcus Morris were teammates for the entirety of their time in Boston from 2017 to 2019. Morris, like O'Neale, has a contract that expires the next year and will need to hedge over $17 million this season.

Given that Marcus Morris' brother, Markieff, recently re-signed with Dallas on a partially guaranteed contract, it appears that the Mavericks will pursue a UNO-style reversal card strategy with Morris.

Although it would be strange to add the second Morris twin to the Mavericks roster considering that Luka Doncic and Marcus Morris had a falling out during the playoffs in the NBA's COVID-19 bubble in Orlando a few years ago, the Mavericks would at least have a strong group of players available to guard Luka.

Moreover, Marcus is far more explosive offensively than Markieff—just two seasons ago, he averaged over 15 points per game. When the Mavericks' offense stagnates, Marcus can step in and score in isolation. He also has a solid post-game routine. Like his twin Markieff, he's become a little bit slower when it comes to perimeter defense, but at 34, he's still incredibly muscular and a terrific shooter.

If Morris joined the Mavericks, they would have an abundance of tough-minded veterans on their roster and, provided the twins don't cause any problems in the locker room, one of the grittier teams in the NBA.

Given his history of animosity toward Luka Doncic, Morris' addition is a bit of a wild card, but if everything went according to plan, the veteran would significantly increase the Mavericks' wing depth. However, he wouldn't help the Mavericks nearly as much as the next player on this list who was formerly Kyrie Irving's teammate.

1. Jarrett Allen

Before Jarrett Allen was dealt to Cleveland as part of the huge four-team transaction that sent James Harden to Brooklyn, he spent almost a season and a half with the Brooklyn Nets. In his brief time there, he did, however, click quite well as a pick-and-roll partner with Kyrie Irving, and his defensive prowess throughout his NBA career has been widely recorded.

With Evan Mobley reportedly expecting to be Cleveland's big man of the future, Allen has been mentioned in a few trade speculations this past season, but there hasn't been any concrete evidence that the Cavaliers are prepared to part ways with the Twin Towers just yet.

In the unlikely event that Cleveland attempted to trade Allen and Dallas used their current resources to snoop on him, Dallas would be able to acquire the reliable veteran rim protector they had been eyeing. Allen, who is only 25 years old, has three seasons left on his contract, with a whopping $20 million due to him per season.

Allen would be ideal for Dallas to get as a center. He has improved as a rim runner and post-scorer in Cleveland and is a superb rebounder and rim protector. Allen was an All-Star in 2022 and, with Luka Doncic putting him up in the pick-and-roll, could develop into an even more potent offensive player.

He already gets along well with Kyrie Irving, and if Kyrie had any say in the matter, he would undoubtedly use the chance to try and influence Allen to choose Dallas, even though it is unclear how close they are off the court. If Allen joined the Mavericks, they would essentially become contenders, and youngster Dereck Lively II would have a tremendous competitor and role model in him.

For the remainder of this offseason and training camp, we'll keep you updated on all the newest information and rumours pertaining to the Dallas Mavericks. So stay tuned.