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SOMETHING NEW: NetsDaily Mailbag!

Lucas Kaplan is starting a regular mailbag column. Come ask questions!

Hello, everybody! First, I just want to thank the great, lively readers we have here at NetsDaily. I love basketball, and I was tweeting and writing about it long before anybody bothered to engage with my work, and I would do it again.

With that being said, it is much more fun, more motivating to know that every word I write on here will be digested by a passionate fanbase. Perhaps even more than I expect. I mean, seriously, 500+ comments on an article stating that Ben Simmons is back to playing 5-on-5 pickup? We all need help.

I do, of course, read just about every comment that rolls through one of my articles, and try to respond to the ones that hurt my feelings the least. I kid! Compared to Twitter, this is nothing.

So, I’d like to try something new this season: a mailbag column. I doubt I’ll stick to a rigid schedule. More likely, I’ll solicit questions after notable events during the season, like a chunky road trip or a couple national TV games or a big roster move. Perhaps this is a sign of a writer that needs far too much help to come up with ideas, or perhaps I’ve overestimated your interest in the Brooklyn Nets, though I seriously doubt that. And when needed, I’ll bring in Net Income and Pooch for their input.

Again, we have such a lively community here, and for that I am grateful. So ask me a question, whether it’s about Dennis Smith Jr.’s jumper, or Ben Simmons’ best passes, free agents to keep an eye on, or even what to get your mom for Christmas. Who knows, maybe I’ll feel like answering that too.

With Media Day passed and the season officially here, let’s do this! Ask away in the comment section below, or ask me on Twitter, @LucasKaplan_