The Ranking of The NBA Players: Where Is LeBron James Positioned?

The NBA 23/24 is close, with different stars and teams preparing through pre-season games. Different stars are projected to dominate in the upcoming season, and Lebron James is never an exception. However, he does rank relatively lower, considering he's entering his 21st year in the league.

The Brooklyn Nets also have a talented squad, with players like Ben Simmon and Mikal Bridges expected to rise this season. So, what do the NBA rankings look like, and where does King James feature? Read on to discover where/how your favorite Nets and NBA basketballers rank.

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Greek 'god,' Giannis, has been in his prime for the past five NBA seasons. He's managed to win back-to-back MVPs and the NBA title within the period. Having missed the finals the last two years, NBA pundits are betting on the Milwaukee superstar to bounce back this season.

Bucks trading for another star in Damian Lillard is one of the reasons Ginnais ranks highest. Lillard will provide the missing offense, which has sometimes been a problem. This is especially true when opponents double-defend the Greek player.

With other key players like Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez still on the team, Milwaukee can again be the number-one seed in the Eastern Conference. As a wagerer, the Bucks provide the best NBA betting strategy, with its balanced offense and defensive gameplay. You can visit the link to get additional strategy for maneuvering the NBA betting world as a beginner and an expert.

2. Nikola Jokic

Like Giannis, Nikola Jokic has dominated the league several times and won the MVP twice. Things got better last season after clinching the NBA title for Denver against a resilient Miami Heat side.

As the defending champ, the Serbian is arguably better than Giannis. However, Giannis' squad looks stronger than Jokic's Denver Nuggets. Only time will tell as the season progresses.

3. Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid takes the third spot as the reigning MVP. He deserved the MVP title after ranking high in major categories like scoring, rebounding, and blocks.

He could've been higher on the list if the 76ers had performed well in the playoffs. The team still has issues due to the James Harden absence and trade delay. Such inconveniences are jeopardizing the team's relationship with the African-born MVP.

4. Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic has been on the rise since his rookie year. The Dallas Maverick sensational star is quickly becoming the face of the league and promises to break records. This is through his effortless plays and resilience on the court.

Analysts expect the star to have built a working partnership with fellow guard Kyrie Irving (traded to the team mid-last season). The factor will help the Doncic perform better and help the team secure an early playoff position.

Other Player Ranking Higher than Lebron James

Here are players listed higher than Lebron:

5: Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors

6: Jason Tatum - Boston Celtics

7: Kevin Durant - Phoenix Suns

8: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander - Oklahoma City Thunders

9. Lebron James

Undoubtedly, Lebron's career has been the best in the history of the NBA. He's achieved many team and individual accolades, the recent being the 2020 NBA championship.

Despite having a quiet 22/23 season, he managed to get to the All-Star at age 38. He also outperformed other younger and elite stars in the league. Therefore, he has more to offer to the league, and the 9th power ranking ahead of the new season is well deserved.

10. Mikal Bridges

Moving from the Suns to the Nets was a game-changer for Mikal Bridges. The two-way player was able to unlock his offensive gameplay in the 22/23 season, averaging 26.1 points in 27 games.

The 23/24 season promises to be revolutionary for the Nets. This is considering the help Bridges has from stars like Ben Simmons, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Nic Claxton.


The NBA ranking for the upcoming season is competitive. Many will argue that players like Durant or Tatum should be higher. However, no one can debate that stars such as Jokic and Giannis don't deserve their listed spots. Only time will tell as the season's start edges closer.