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Brooklyn Nets opt to leave a two-way spot open ... for time being

The Nets will open their 2023-24 season with 17 players on the roster, one short of the maximum.

The Brooklyn Nets Opening Night roster is set, with Harry Giles III getting the final standard deal ... and one of three two-way deals left open, at least for now.

Assuming the Giles deal, like the one given Trendon Watford, is non-guaranteed, the Nets will go into the 2023-24 season with 13 fully guaranteed standard NBA deals, two non-guaranteed standard deals (Giles and Watford) and two two-ways (Armoni Brooks and Jalen Wilson.) Under terms of Watford contract, he will be guaranteed $200,000 on Wednesday, opening night, then $700,000 on December 15 if still with the team. All non- or partially guaranteed contracts automatically get fully guaranteed on January 7. It seems likely Giles has a similar arrangement.

Many assumed that the Nets would add a third two-way going into the season but the team opted instead to leave the slot unfilled ... at least for now. The new CBA permits teams to sign three two-ways, up from two in previous seasons. Each two-way is paid half the rookie minimum of $1.119 million or $559,782. Two-ways do not count against the salary cap or luxury tax threshold.

Brooklyn is one of two NBA that hasn’t taken advantage of the added two-way contract, per Keith Smith…

According to league rules, teams can sign players to two-way deals up to March 4. The contract would be pro-rated, meaning it’s reduced every day it’s not used through March 4. A league source told ND that nothing is imminent in terms of filling the final slot. One possibility is that the Nets will wait to see where their needs lie as season develops, then move to sign a two-way.

The Nets current payroll is roughly $157 million, about $8 million short of the luxury tax threshold.