Getting Hyped for The New Nets Season

It would be unrealistic for any Nets fan to expect the team to deliver a championship this season! However, they expect the team to show they are proud to represent the Brooklyn club. Well, Nets team owner Joe Tsai’s remarks will give the fans some hope for the upcoming season. He claimed that he is enthusiastic about the season because the players in the team are proud to be there.

Departure of Big Names

NBA fans will agree that Brooklyn’s standards and aspirations have dropped significantly after three of their top-rated players requested trades. James Harden claimed that he discovered that representing the Nets did not turn out as he had expected, and that’s why he wanted out. Consequently, he was traded to the Sixers in 2022.

As if that was not enough, in February 2023, the Nets traded Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns. This move left the Nets fans in utter disbelief because he was evidently the best player to play for the franchise. How will these departures affect the team? Can you bet on the Nets winning competitive matches? If you are wagering from the US, check the legal situation of wagering in your state. Those in Massachusetts, click here for essential details on wagering in the state.

Time for a Reset

The departure of big names from Brooklyn opened the door for the team to reset. With Simmons up and running, he’ll team up with Cam Johnson and Mikal Bridges to form the team’s spine.

Moreover, this Nets team will not have the championship pressure previous teams had. In this sense, they will have enough time to develop together without the championship pressure lurking on their shoulders.

Johnson, commenting on their season, claimed that this season presents the team an opportunity to grow together and improve. He added that the current squad is great and very versatile.

Less Drama in the Camp

Bridges and Johnson, popularly referred to as "Twins," have lifted the spirits around the Nets camp. They have also given Simmons the much-needed reassurance as he returns after overcoming his back woes. He is the only All-Star player on the roster and has what it takes to elevate the team from being a play-in to a playoff team.

Additionally, Nets fans will also have their eyes on Mikal Bridges. The guard was pivotal for Team USA during the 2023 FIBA World Cup and was regarded as the best player in the team despite Anthony Edwards’ dominance.

Bridges claimed that he was excited about this season, and his expectation is that they’ll win games and make it to the playoffs. The American baller was bullish that the Nets have what it takes to make it to the playoffs despite many expecting them to compete in the play-in tournament.

The player will have more responsibility because head coach Jacque Vaughn stated that he expects Bridges to shoulder more responsibility. For instance, the coach expects Bridges to score, pass, facilitate, and get his teammates involved.

Top Games

Dallas Mavericks

Many Nets fans blame Irving for their franchise’s aborted dynasty. His consistent disruptions created a cleft that paved the way for the team to lose its two All-Stars. Irvin’s constant chaos prevented the team from developing any form of organizational cohesion.

With that in mind, the Net’s fanatics will be keen to let Irvin know their thoughts on his time at the club when the Mavericks visit Brooklyn. While the game itself might not have a strong allure, the prematch vitriol will be enough to create an interesting atmosphere!

Philadelphia 76ers

Well, this is another match that promises to have interesting undertones as long as Ben Simmons is on the floor. After their ugly divorce, Simmons and Philadelphia will be facing off. Simmon’s time at the 76ers didn’t go as expected – he showed some superstar promise but never lived up to his potential.

This match will reveal whether time heals wounds for real, right? Furthermore, despite the Ben Simmons buzz, he might have slid into irrelevance, making it harder for the fans to dislike him. Nonetheless, he will hear some substantial jeering each time he’s on the ball.

What Nets Fans Can Expect

It is expected that the Nets will fade into the background. Their best-case scenario would be hanging someplace in the play-in tournament picture. Additionally, Bridges could make a claim for the Most Improved Player title, while Simmons will be the team’s functional player. Time will tell what the Brooklyn Nets can do without the championship expectations weighing them down. What are you expecting from the Nets this season?