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Nets Fan Survey Results: Who should get the credit for Brooklyn’s turnaround?

Nets fans voted on who they think should get the credit for the Nets turning their season around.

Brooklyn Nets v Miami Heat Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

On Friday, in the midst of what has been an epic in-season turnaround by the Brooklyn Nets, we asked you, the fans: Who is most responsible for the Nets recent success?

And, well, you answered.

We gave you five options:

  • Kevin Durant (the MVP)
  • Kyrie Irving (the floor general)
  • Jacque Vaughn (the players’ coach)
  • Sean Marks (the builder)
  • Joe Tsai (the boss)

Hard to find a “wrong” answer here, but before we get to the results I’ll share who I voted for: Kevin Durant.

Again, I personally believe there’s a case to be made for each of the above (of course, some more than others), but I went with Durant for the sole reason that during the span of their ascension toward the top of the standings he has been, without a doubt, the best player on the basketball court.


Without Kyrie Irving on the court he put the team on his back. I very much respect the job that Vaughn is doing - he’s been incredible - but for me it always goes back to “players play.”

Again, I don’t think we’d argue that Durant and/or Vaughn haven’t both been incredible for this team, but, let’s get onto the results, shall we?

There it is: 53% of you believe that Vaughn should get the most credit. And hard for me to argue against that. Joe Tsai bringing up the rear with 3% of the votes - to be honest, I’m surprised that he got that many votes (at least when it comes to our readers).

This all, of course, comes as we get some not-so-fun injury news following Durant’s MCL strain. Hopefully (maybe?) we’ll be having this conversation again in a few weeks after the Nets go on another tear and debate on who is most responsible for said run.

One can hope.

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