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Nets Fan Survey: Who is most responsible for the Nets recent success?

The Nets had a major in-season turnaround. Who should get the most credit for their success?

Brooklyn Nets v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Our friends over at the Glue Guys posed this question earlier and we wanted to set up a survey to see what Nets fans think. With the Brooklyn Nets’ most recent success — i.e. the 12-game win streak — who should get most (all?) of the credit for said success?

Obviously the hiring of Jacque Vaughn is a key tentpole moment, but so too is the MVP-calibur play by Kevin Durant. And what about the “return” of Kyrie Irving and the spark he’s provided.

Or do we give Sean Marks the credit for pulling the trigger on the Steve Nash departure and the Vaughn hiring?

Then there’s Joe Tsai — who Nets fans have very, very strong feelings about (one way or another) — who at the end of the day is calling the shots for this team.

Lots of people play a role in the team’s success, but let us know below (and in the comments) who you think should get “most” of the credit for the team’s success.

We’ll publish the results later this weekend. So, vote now!

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