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Nets Fan Survey Results: Optimism remains high for most Nets fans after the Kevin Durant injury

We asked Nets fans how optimistic they were about the Nets chances this season after Kevin Durant suffered an MCL sprain.

Brooklyn Nets v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

A little over a week ago the Brooklyn Nets were dealt a pretty hefty blow as Kevin Durant was sidelined for anywhere from “two weeks” to a month or more with an MCL strain.

We haven’t yet hit the infamous two week mark since the injury occurred, but we wanted to put a feeler out there post-injury to see how Nets fans are feeling about their team’s chances going forward.

So we asked: Where do you think the Nets will finish in the East now that Durant is injured?

A majority of you - 54 percent - feel like even with the Durant injury they won’t fall much at all and wind up about around where they are now; in second or third place.

Some 31 percent of you, however, think they won’t even make the top six, with 5 percent of you saying they’ll miss the playoffs altogether.


Meanwhile, 8 percent of you think they’ll finish in first place.

Now, I tend to lean with the 54 percent and think they’ll be top 3 but not in first place, but of course that would mean hopefully Durant isn’t too far off from returning.

I suppose we’ll find out when he’s “reevaluated after two weeks” - but it will be interesting mostly based on how the next couple of games go. If the bottom falls out maybe they “rush” him back, whereas if they go on a little run they might take their time.

One thing I’m not so sure of, though, is that they’ll miss the playoffs. I’m a glutton for punishment but that seems too far to fall. Right?

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