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Not last year’s cheat code, but Nets’ NBA2k23 numbers hold steady ... with oddities

It’s time for the NBA2k23 ratings and there isn’t much change from last year when the Nets were tipped as the eventual NBA champions. Kevin Durant remains at 96 and Kyrie Irving, despite only playing 29 games, is actually up, from 91 last year to 92. Ben Simmons, despite not playing at all, remained at 84!

Durant was not pleased…

The Nets endorsed KD’s position...

Overall, Durant is part of a five-way tie for second behind Giannis Antetokounmpo who registered a 97. KD, LeBron James, Joel Embiid, Steph Curry and Nikola Jokic are all at 96. Irving is in a four-way tie for 10th with James Harden, Anthony Davis and Jimmy Butler. Simmons ranks 46th.

Here’s full roster with the numbers:

96 — Kevin Durant

92 — Kyrie Irving

84 — Ben Simmons

82 — T.J. Warren

78 — Nic Claxton

78 — Seth Curry

76 — Joe Harris

75 — Cam Thomas

75 — Edmond Sumner

74 — Royce O’Neale

74 — Day’ron Sharpe

73 — Patty Mills

72 — Kessler Edwards

72 — Markieff Morris

72 — David Duke Jr.

71 — Yuta Wanatabe

No ratings yet for the two Williams, Alondes the two-way, or Donovan the Exhibit 10.

Simmons (no surprise) was held down by a 58 rating as a 3-point shooter, having made only five in his career. Among 3-point shooters, KD at 88 was second to Harris 90, just ahead of Seth Curry who is the best 3-point shooter by percentage currently in the NBA. Harris ranks second in 2k23 3-point ratings, tied with Desmond Bane. Steph Curry is no. 1 at 99.

There are a couple of other oddities. Warren, who’s played four games in the past two years, was given an 82, up two from his last healthy season, an 80 going into 2021. Sumner stayed steady at 75 despite not playing at all last season.

Patty Mills who had career-high numbers last season, including a near Nets record 227 three’s, dropped from a 77 to a 73. Meanwhile, Joe Harris who had two ankle surgeries and missed all but 14 games dropped less, from 79 to 76.

Two of the young Nets saw some uptick in their numbers. Cam Thomas went from 71 to 75, Day’Ron Sharpe from 71 to 74.

Last season, Durant also complained about his rating, saying as he did Tuesday that he deserved a 99, a level he achieved while in Golden State. Other than him, the only 99+ ratings ever given went to Tim Duncan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and LeBron James. O’Neal was the only 100.

NBA2k23, with Devin Booker among others on the cover, will be released Friday.